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  1. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    I was working on my MBC deck today and made a couple of adjustments. Considering that i have never posted the original deck, I thought that i would post it and see what you people think.

    Blue Bounce

    4 jolting merfolk
    4 cloudskate
    3 stinging barriar
    3 waterfront bouncer
    2 trickster mage
    2 indentured djinn

    4 cowardice
    4 seal of removal
    2 parallax tide

    4 counterspell
    3 daze
    3 thwart

    4 skerry
    4 port
    14 island

    Sideboard (switcheroo)
    4 rising waters
    4 eye of Ramos
    3 dominate
    2 tanle wire
    2 indentured djinn

    The main idea for the deck is to hold off you opponent the first couple of turns with seals, counters, w bouncers, t mages, and ports. Then play cowardice, and target their creatures, which returns them to their hand. The merfolk works incredible well with cowardice, it can return 3 of your opponents creatures, and then return itself. Use cloudskate and the djinn as kill cards, and protect them with the merfolk (the merfolk keeps the cloudskate alive). The tide can be used either before or after cowardice is put down, used either to stall them while your setting up the combo, or keeping them from recasting your creatures.

    For the sideboard, i thought it would be a good idea to pull a switcheroo. This chages the deck from bounce to control. Here's the main idea- get out an eye, and a port. Play you kill card- djinn, and then cast rishing waters. Each turn, untap the port, and during their upkeep, tap their only untapped land. Dominate and tangle wire are in their for some added contol before the combo goes off. Here's is what i would side out for the contol cards:
    4 cowardice, 2 trickster mage, 4 cloudskate, 2 parallax tide, and 2 seals.

    That leaves 14 open spots:
    4 rising water, 4 eye of ramos, 2 tangle wire, and 2 dominate.

    IF you have any suggestions/comments/questions, LMK.
  2. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    *** TECH ***
    Tower Of The Magistrate is the power tech to go with Cowardice.
    You heard it here first.

    And wouldn`t it be a better idea to have the Pirates in your creature mix, seeing as they work with Cowardice.
    You had 18 monsters:
    3 Waterfront Bouncer
    3 Rishadan Cutpurse
    4 Rishadan Brigand
    2 Glowing Anenomae
    3 Jolting Merfolk
    3 Extravagant Spirit
  3. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    Why would tower of magistrate fit in this deck? PLEASE EXPLAIN YOURSELF. And i did have the pirates and i found that they did work good, but i would have rather wanted something in my hand that could target a creature. I was also working with brainstorm, soothsaying, and accumulated knowledge, but i didn't have room for them.
  4. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Rootwater merfolk? I dont know.... I have a couple of those lands he was talking bout if ya want to trade.
  5. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    With Cowardice in play the Tower of The Magistrate is
    1, Tap: Return target creature to it`s owner`s hand.
  6. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    yeah, i figured that out today during a math test (yes, i think i did do good, magic and math always go togher :)) I was also thinking about putting in some artifact stuff, like belbe's armor or something...
  7. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    I disagree - they can have all the cards they want if you deny them mana to use them, or kill them before they can use them.
    The Djinn doesn`t go in this deck, it goes in the PTide/Rising Waters deck, but you should be wary of making such sweeping statements about cards, especially 4/4 Flyers for UU1.
  8. Gryphonclaw New Member

    I have to agree with Gizmo on this one, Indentured Djinn is good, in certain deck types. In this type it is good, in mana denial decks it rules.

    The thing is that those three cards are very unlikely to end up being played. This is a weak, but noticeable form of card advantage.

    What about using natural affinity? With a jolting merfolk you could bounce four lands for 7 mana. For 10 mana and three cards, (expensive I know, but you don't have to play it all at once) you could increase their hand size by 7, remove 4 of their lands from play, drop a 4/4 flyer, and maybe play a vitalize. It was printed in 6th, is it allowed?

    And not to forget, VISELING.
  9. Daenen New Member

    Jackal, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Indentured Djinn sucks. There is a reason that Ancestral Recall is no longer in print. Giving your opponent a free one is always a bad thing: it gives them a huge card advantage over you. Do not play it at all.

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