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    thinking of making an old school maniac en-kor deck, was looking around at some deck lists and came up with this. I also added in the idea of the daru spiritualist/en-kor/about face combo, I figured it fit fairly well as it uses most of the same cards and en-kors coupled with daru spiritualist is nearly invincible. Wondering if anyone had any suggestions... So far it's only existed in my head and in a SimpleText document, but here's what I got so far:

    4x mogg maniac
    4x warrior en-kor
    3x nomads en-kor
    4x daru spiritualist
    4x Shaman En-Kor

    4x earthquake
    2x fling
    4x seething song
    3x about face
    4x lightning bolt
    3x Martyrdom

    1x sol ring
    10x mountain
    10x plains

    60 cards total

    any suggestions?
  2. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    I played a similar deck for a while (until people got fed up with it)..
    It was tweaked for multiplayer, so I added 4x Sigil of the New Dawn. Allows you to return the Mogg Maniac to your hand. Instead of Earthquake's I used Starstorm (gets rid of pesky flying creatures) and played some silver knights so you don't loose any creatures to your own burn if you don't have a Maniac.

    I would drop the Seething Song and Fling and add four lands..

    And for fun, I added two Magmasaurs.. nice combo with the sigil.
  3. Exaulted_Leader New Member

    One or two Starlit Sanctums and one or two Test of Endurance?

    It's cheesy, but it's an easy alternate win condition.

    EDIT: Maybe Pariah as opposed to Martyrdom? It's a little more splashable, and some good when on a Spiritualist.

    I would disagree with a bit of this.

    Earthquake is cheaper than Starstorm, and while it doesn't hit fliers, it DOES hit players - which is a huge plus for this deck. Silver Knight is pretty unnecessary - you'll never lose more than one guy to a huge 'quake anyway (the Spiritualist is a good outlet for excess damage).

    Seething Song will create gigantic 'quakes, and create them soon - which, again, is a good thing. I'd leave them alone. Flings can probably go, though (it'll be pretty rare to see a Fling, Spiritualist, About Face and an en-Kor within a reasonable timeframe).

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