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Magic RPG? just an idea



hey if anyone would be interested in doing some kind of internet RPG Using the Magic storyline post here. i just thought it would be pretty cool, we could get some kinda rules system...(not too complicated...i hate elaborate systems)
if anyone would be interested Post here and ill try and get in touch with everyone if we get enough people


that sounds cool
what about just using the AD&D 2nd Edition system - the best fantasy role-playing system there is - and working from there?

Hawaiian mage

How about going to my website which is based on exactly what you said, but with a simi-complicated rules system that takes about 10 minutes to learn?


I know I shouldn't advertise my site like that, but it was just what you were looking for. And I justify it by putting the CPA in the links section.

Any way, you can create your own game if you want. But if you want one all ready built for you, you can go to my site.

Chaos Turtle

Advertising your site is fine!
We like to share! :)

Anyhow, why not use the new and free-access 3rd edition D&D rules system? Due in stores like any week now!
I'm willing to bet WotC will do it on their own if demand is high enough...

"Come back to roleplaying!"


*throws his hands wildly into the air, starts to choke himself, kicks the chair from under himself, and the eyes start rolling back into head from all the saliva dripping from the corner of the mouth.

Must..... refrain.... from posting every negative thing I have to say about 3rd edition... must overcome myself... because it's like 5 pages of text..... ahhhhh