Magic is not dead

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by ChasDen, Jan 26, 2000.

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    Magic is not dead, just changing. As an experienced player who has been around, I have noticed the gradual but deliberate swing. Some say it is for the better (mostly the guys who have only been around a year or less) and some say it is the destruction of the game they love (that would be the guys who have been around longer than they care to admit). Consider something you have always had around, me I will pick my car. I have always had pick ups or vans. Over the last 10 years or so they have introduced as standard features, anti lock brakes, seat belts and that little computer box under the hood that costs $750.00 to replace when it goes bad. I hate all of these things, and I wish I could find out where in the world they put the carburetor. My son is getting his license in a few months and looks at all the new features as the greatest thing since hot bread. I try to tell him that cars were made better back then and when you hit the brakes the tires skidded and made this incredible sound and smell. But he looks at me and thinks I should be locked up in some old folks home or something. So I have decided that I will no longer participate in this huge injustice that Detroit is pulling. I will sell my car and take the bus. Hey that will fix them. Or better yet I will set it on fire and we can all sit around and chant cars suck, cars suck, cars suck. I bet those big fat cats in Detroit will notice me now. The reality is that most people hate change, they get comfortable and set in their ways. Here we open thousands of packs a month and for the most part we have lost sight of what most cards are, BUT I LOVE that feeling I get when opening a new pack when it is for my collection, the feeling I get when I sit in front of the boxes of cards and bam it hits me how I can use that card in a new deck. The rules are changing, the cards are changing, and so to are the players. I love this game so much that I do it for a living, so please do not tell me it is dying, it is only changing and I choose to change with it. Grab a friend and lets go for a ride !!

    Life is too short
    Enjoy it before your
    Kids commit you to
    A “home”
  2. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Ooooo! Nice one, Chuck.

    Of course, many of us fear changes - or at least price changes :)


    "...BTW, my wife was wonderring if you'd like to exchange links?"
  3. Dune Echo CPA Founder, Idea Man

    You know, I am getting more and more impressed with your insight and views as a seller, Chuck. I have to say thanks. Thanks for helping our site, thanks for the words of wisdom, thanks for being apart of our group.
    I remember seeing a link to your site on the Dojo which introduced me to your site and looking back, man, am I glad whoever that was posted your URL! I don't think we could thank you enough for all the support you have given us Chuck. I can only hope that we can one day do for the casual player what the Dojo DID for the pros. (Ed, I am working on helping you on that.) So thank you very much, Chuck and Kathy.
    To everyone, thanks for making this a place I can come to have fun and rant and chat about casual Magic, the way a game should be enjoyed.

    Dune Echo

    Uh, oh. The kid's getting his license. Get off the sidewalks!

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