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    I've got a couple of tourny's coming up next month, and I wanted to see if I could get some feedback on the deck i plan on playing. I was thinking about playing Rebel Control, but I've been happier with my LD deck. Here's the list.

    Lucky Charms

    Creatures 10
    3 Flailing Soldier
    3 Flowstone overseer
    4 Avalanche Riders

    Spells 24
    4 stone rain
    4 pillage
    2 powder keg
    4 tectonic break
    4 shock
    2 Hammer of Bogarden
    2 Faultline
    2 Cave in

    Land 26
    4 sandstone needles
    4 ports
    4 ghitu encampments
    14 Mountain

    1 Maticore (Contamination)
    2 Killswitch (Wildfire/acc blue)
    2 Pulverize (Wildfire/Acc Blue)
    2 Scald (Blue)
    2 Wildfire
    2 Earthquake (weenie)
    4 Seal of Fire (weenie)

    At the last couple of tournaments, I have seen mostly stompy, black control/suicide black, bargain, and some type of blue deck. I've haven't had trouble with stompy, blue decks, or bargain, but black control/suicide black has given me some problems. The reasons i have 4 anti-artifact spells in my SB is due to the fact that in the last 2 tournys, i've lost to a Wildfire deck in the T8. I'm not really expecting a lot of rebel deck because most of the better players don't like the deck. Thanks for your help in advance.

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  2. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    *Start Rant on Mostly Unrelated Topic: Deck Names*

    Well, first of all, Lucky Charms is taken anyways... :) Some nut named his Necro-Exploration-Drain Life deck that on StarCity a while back.

    Now, onto the rant!

    Why do people name their decks after cereals? In the olden days, we had deck names that MEANT something... LauerPotence at least had 'Potence in it, Deadguy Red was at least red. But, come on! Cereal? To quote Wakefield: "WTF is that?" Why?

    *End Rant*

    I'm kinda suprised you've been losing to suicide. Usually, direct damage just wrecks them.

    For one thing, I would reccommend going to 4 'Kegs. The targeted removal helps against green, and beats Suicide fairly consistantly. Just keep it at three counters, and have burn available to take out Skirges. You should just WIN against Black.

    Well, suicide, that is. Control is more of a problem. The Breaks should help hold them off, but if they drop of Plaguelord, you're in trouble. Once again, 'Keg can help here, but more important is getting a continious threat out. Phyrexian Processor is notorious for screwing over Con. Black, since they lack the ability to get rid of the damn thing (can you sense some bitterness here? I'm a control Black player...). You could toss one or two of those into the 'board.

    Also... (Now I'm gonna go rouge on ya', sort of...) What about 'boarding in 'Fires? No need to 'board in artifact mana too, your running it only as a late game reset button. Really, now that I consider it, 'Haups might be better. Duress is a problem, but even then, the 'Haups protects your better spells from being removed, allowing you to set up for the rest of the game with your other key spells. Most black players won't hesitate to pull a 'Haups out of your hand.

    And if you do cast it (or it's younger brother, 'Fire), it basically ends the game in your favor. You need minimal land to function, and while Dark Ritual allows for occassionally explosive turns, it'll take them longer to start up again.

    "And besides, when was the last time YOU saw a 'Haups in a tournament?"
  3. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    Actually, I think I'm getting rid of the wildfires all together. Even when i do side them in, i often don't play them. 6 mana is a lot for this deck. I am usually using all of my mana every turn to beef up my creatures or blow up their land. Also, if i have a creature down, the wildfire will kill them unless i pump them up, and that would be 9 mana to wildfire and save a soldier. I do think I am putting in two more kegs, and moving two cave-ins to the sideboard.

    I have been losing to black decks because of
    1st turn:swamp, unmask, duress (goodbye all direct damage)
    2nd turn:swamp dark ritual, negator that's pretty much game. unless i pull more direct damage

    OH, it really helps when they play parallax demetia on their negator. This is why i have 4 seals in my sideboard. If they do unmask duress. Chances are I'll pull something else that will help me.
  4. TomB Administrative Assistant

    I remember a deck a friend called "Lucky Charms" a few years ago. It was Atogs with those 1cc artifacts like Crystal Rod and Iron Star, Tablet of Epityr, and things like Ankh of Mishra. It wasn't a very good deck, but it was fun.

    Oh, and I'd go main deck with the Seals. Weenie decks should be your only real challenge, and they'd help out with the Negators and such too.

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