Looking for some Magic funs


CPA Trash Man
During this pandemic, I’ve pulled apart old decks and made some new decks. I now have 6 commander decks of varying levels of scrubness/competitiveness that taunt me. Anyone up for a game?

Ransac, cpa trash man


The Tentacled One
I'm in. I am in the process of fighting 5 years of entropy and sorting my entire card collection, but I still have certain decks together and I'm currently trying to finish off Mooseman in our game, but he's a stubborn old man. I can build decks to (attempt to) match any level of scrubness/competitiveness. Spiderman is back, so perhaps we can get enough people together for a pod of 4.

For those too lazy to build commander decks, there are a lot of resources online to find decklists.