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Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Wonka, Sep 17, 2001.

  1. Wonka YellowJackoff

    Well, I played in a local tourney last Thursday. i didn't have a deck but one of my friends gave it to me. It was some re/white deck. it was ok.

    Round 1

    I play against this new guy who started coming down like 4 months earlier. He just started playing. He was playing counter/burn. I beat him him easily 2-0. I try to take it easy on new people but you got to win though.

    Record 1-0

    I played one of his friends. he was playing some weird deck. I don't even know what it was. I beat him 2-0. Mogg Fanatic and Rage is winning me every game.

    Record 2-0

    Round 3

    I play Douglas No Joy. He is one of my good friends who comes down a couple times a week. He talks so much he never shuts up. He was playing his really annoying type 2 deck. I have yet to neat it in any format. 1st game he beat me with a Desolation Angel. I was mad but I beat him down with a Mogg Fanatic. It was funny. Last game I beat him with a Rage.

    Record 3-0


    I play against one of my other friends Derek. he is probaly the most nicest person that goes down there. No offense Yellowjacket. Derek was playing a Elf Deck. I got wrecked both games. Both games he had 2 Hermits and he overruned bot times.

    :( I get 2nd place. Coming off a horrible type 2 tourney before that.
  2. Killer Joe Active Member

    Hey Wonka, don't be too upset, it wasn't you're deck, you did the best you could. Derek's Green Elf-Squirrel deck is viscious!
    Of course, had I shown up, I probably would've won the whole tournament, again ;).
    Hey, next time, try to list the deck that you were playin', folks like to read that stuff :).
  3. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Yeah, plus more match details...

    *grins* you're just lucky Mr. Jackson retired from his Evil Eye articles.....

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