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    Yes after I agreed with my wife not to play for the summer she said I should go to the card shop last night. I was taken aback but I didn't waste much time picking up my cards and going to the shop. Unfortunately I had broken down all my decks so I had to put one together. Here it is.

    4-Llanowar Elves
    3-Lin Sivvi's
    2-DefianT Vanguard
    1-Cho Manno
    1-Jhovial Queen
    3-Fleetfoot Panthers
    3-Charging Trolls
    1-Serra Angel

    4-Sterling Grove
    3-Glorius Anthem
    2-Parallax Wave
    2-Seal of Cleansing
    2-Story Circles
    1-Eldramri's Call


    2-Gaea's Herald
    3-Last Breath
    2-Cop Green
    1-Ivory Mask
    1-Thermal Glider
    1-Rebel Informer
    and 1 other card

    First Match against Counter Rebel w/Meddling Mage
    This is one of the better players in the store. I won't go into this one other than I sucked. first game I should have parised because I had 2 land and nothing to cast. Second game wasn't as bad. I got out an elf and a herald but the only other creatures I drew were elves. I had sided out my rebels as I didn't stand a chance against his engine and put in the Heralds, last Breaths and Hurricanes

    2nd Match Fires with FTK, Shivan Wurms and Thornscape BM
    I almost pulled out on the second game managed to get worship out but I only had an elf. I had a charging Troll out but didn't have the mana to cast both. So I put the worship out hoping to be able to cast the troll next turn
    but he casts a BM with red kicker and kills the elf.

    3rd Match was against a kid with a R/G Kavu Deck
    as bad as my deck was I managed not to lose to this kid.
    During the 2nd game after having bad mana all evening I kept a 7 land hand. Ended up drawing 3 more land before I got my first spell, not a creature. It was like turn 7 and I had only cast 2 elves to throw in front of thornscpe familiars. I then pulled a jhovial queen and hard cast her.
    that saved me.
    so at the end of tournament 2-4
    the 2 wins were very cheap wins
    I have sinced dismantled this deck.

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