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Tell me what you think of this deck and how I could make it a bit better, It was made out of a bunch of cards leftover from making my other decks, buts its kinda fun to play. (btw: please please never use aol... I had this whole thing typed up then aol shut me off, die aol... die... :( )

Land: (24)

10 Islands
10 Swamps
1 Bog Wreckage
1 Seafloor Debris
2 Tainted Isles

Creatures: (26)

1 Metathran Zombie
1 Balshan Collaborator
1 Organ Grinder (something to do with my dead cards)
2 Dirty Wererat
1 Zombie Assassin
1 Patagia Golem
1 Giant Octopus
1 Puppeteer
3 Cephalid Broker
1 Stormscape Master
1 Stormscape Apprentice
1 Vodalian Hypnotist (2B for a discard every turn, woohoo)
1 Phyrexian Slayer
2 Vodalian Zombies
1 Prodigal Sorcerer
1 Giant Octopus
1 Crypt Angel
1 Ravenous Rats (Discard 1 when it comes into play)
1 Wind Drake
1 Aquamoeba
1 Aven Windreader
1 Duskwalker

Spells: (10)

1 Caustic Tar
2 Recoil
1 Hypnotic Cloud
1 Spite/Malice
1 Undermine
1 Sleepers Robe
1 Megrim
1 Fugue
1 Skull Fracture

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Your deck is a bit random, but I'm sure that's because your collection isn't exactly huge. When your collection grows you can make more focused decks, but randomness is also fun :).

The main issue I have with your deck is that you play only 20 lands. This isn't enough for most decks unless its cards cost like 2 mana on average.

Since your cards are somewhat expensive I'd suggest running 25-26 lands or else you'll stall on mana too often.


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Yeah, the only cards that I have four or more of are eager cadet and knight errant. And this deck was put together with just bits and pieces that I had in my extra piles, so I didnt have alot to choose from, but thats alright, although eventually id like to add some better cards to make it semi useful, it is fun to play around with :)

And I have had a bit of a problem with mana the last few times I've played the deck, I usually get one land in the draw, then it takes three or four turns to get another, but its probably just bad luck that it took so long to get em. but I do think ill add a few more lands


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Ok, Ive added some lands, took out a couple creatures and spells that didnt help much (and updated the list above). should I try adding a planar portal? I know its expensive but it would let me pull out megrim and all my cephalids to (hopefully) start dealing a lot of damage. I wish I had a few more megrims... I think im gonna go buy some more cards tomorrow, oh wait, I need that money for comp parts... crap, which to get first?
oooh, I still have a pile of 7th ed booster packs I wonder if they still have the deal to get free boosters with every three upcs... *runs off to find an envelope*

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I think Planar Portal is too expensive for any deck which isn't mono-black and plays Cabal Coffers :)

12 mana for the 1st card :eek:


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It sounds as if you have mana clumps. Before your next game, take about 5-10 minutes and do this trick to breakup your spell/land clumps. Starting with the top 12 cards of your deck, lay your cards out 1 by 1 in 12 piles from left to right. Then lay the next 12 on top of the piles using the same sequence noted above, and the next 12, and so on. This will give you 12 five card piles and it most likely did a good job splitting up your cards.

And if you do draw 1 land take what's called a mulligan. There are a couple of versions.
Paris Mulligan: If you don't like your opening hand, you can re-shuffle and draw a new one - but this time you draw 1 less card than last time (6, then 5, etc.)
Casual Mulligan: If you have 0, 1, or 7 mana producing lands, you can show your opponent your hand and take 7 new cards. Your opponent has the option of taking a free Mulligan.
Friendly Mulligan: If you have 0, 1, or 7 mana producing lands, you can take 7 new cards. Your opponent has the option of taking a free Mulligan.
Regarding the deck, you probably don't need to run so many creatures, and you are also short on permanent removal. I would try to put as many Repulses as you can find in there, along with creature that do something when they come into play (like Ravenous Rats, Nightscape Battlemage, Crypt Angel, etc.). Rushing River is a very good one also. These cards deal with the theory of card advantage, they either have multiple targets, or they do more than one thing at a time. A card like Repluse not only can seriously slow your opponent down if played at the right time, but it also replaces itself in your hand.

Also, look at the cards that don't do much for there mana cost. Specifically Skull Fracture, Aquameoba (you don't have any goodies worth discarding to it), giant octopus, and patagia golem. The next batch of card I would look closely at are Aven windreader, Hypnotic cloud, Megrim (you don't have enough discard in here to support it), Caustic Tar (powerful, but very expensive), Duskwalker, Phyrexian Slayer (how many white flyers do your opponent's play?), Wind Drake, and Metathran Zombie.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know.