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  1. 13NoVa The Ruins That We Hold

    Kahnagal, Wurm Rider G
    Creature- Legendary Hero
    if your opponent controls 3 or more lands durring your upkeep, give Kahnagal, wurm rider +3 +2 until your next upkeep.

    Faina, fire walker RR
    Creature-legendary hero
    RRR: discard a card at random, Faina, Fire walker gets +4+4 until end of turn.

    Wazam, Zombie Overseer 2B
    Creature-legendary hero
    2B: sacrafice a creature. put 2 1/1 black zombie tokens into play.

    diem, Atlantien Guard UUU
    Creature-legendary hero
    UUU: Discard a card from your hand. counter target spell. you may sacrafice a permanent instead of discarding from your hand.

    Leight, Demon slayer 2WW
    Creature-legendary hero
    1ww: Destroy target artifact/enchantment, OR destroy target black creature.

    Planet feeder 5
    Artifact-legendary hero
    when planet feeder comes into play, sacrafice a land.
    5: Target player sacrafices a land
    power and toughness are equal to the number of lands of the last sacraficed type in play.
  2. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Kahnagal, Wurm Rider
    Looks good, pretty balanced.

    Faina, fire walker
    At the very least, make it only playable once per turn. To make it balanced, I would say one turn activation, and +2/+2 or +3/+3

    Wazam, Zombie Overseer
    Two tokens.

    diem, Atlantien Guard

    Planet feeder
    Really good! I like it!

    Good cards for the most part!
  3. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    Kahnagal, Wurm Rider
    Just have it say "~gets +2/+2 as long as an opponent controls 3 or more lands."

    Faina, fire walker
    What FoR said.

    Wazam, Zombie Overseer

    diem, Atlantien Guard
    Ick. Well, maybe add "discard a card" or "sacrifice a permanent" to the ability's cost.

    Leight, Demon slayer
    I'd make him a 2/2 since his ability isn't amazing.

    Planet Feeder
    Neat. :)
  4. 13NoVa The Ruins That We Hold

    yeah a couple things i forgot to add to some of them. those were just basic mistakes.

    i edited them. what do you think?

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