Keeper (Old M:tG computer game deck)

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    I forget whether the card pool in the game let me even have access to a straight port of Brian Weissman's "The Deck" (also known sometimes as Keeper). I think some cards were missing. But this was my take on the same sort of spiritual idea as those old decks. Play busted cards, stay alive, don't die, grind out card advantage over time, and don't bother with unnecessary stuff like "trying to win." It might seem like a bit much to use Sylvan Library and Greed. Maybe it was. But everyone should have a "Keeper" control deck in some form at some point. There is a strange sort of satisfaction from piloting a pile of a bunch of different cards that don't really even point to a particular goal other than a kind of vague, multi-axis approach to "don't let them kill you." Even compared to Stasis, this deck could take a long time to actually finish opponents off. It didn't lock opponents down. It just wore them out. Pure Magic attrition. Sadly, the advent of planeswalker cards made such a concept untenable in later years. You can't sit on a pile of random cards and try to only disrupt the things that can actually kill you when a single planeswalker can tick up a bunch of value off one card, counting toward a potentially game-winning ultimate.

    1 Time Walk
    1 Mox Emerald
    1 Mox Jet
    1 Mox Pearl
    1 Mox Ruby
    1 Mox Sapphire
    4 Nevinyrral's Disk
    1 Sol Ring
    1 Black Lotus
    1 Balance
    1 Mind Twist
    1 Ancestral Recall
    1 Braingeyser
    1 Mana Vault
    4 Counterspell
    2 Serra Angel
    4 Swords to Plowshares
    4 Sylvan Library
    1 Demonic Tutor
    2 Disrupting Scepter
    4 Tundra
    3 Tropical Island
    4 Underground Sea
    1 Strip Mine
    1 Library of Alexandria
    4 Birds of Paradise
    2 Disenchant
    1 Greed
    4 Ivory Tower
    1 City of Brass
    1 Feldon's Cane

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