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  1. Kavu Titan New Member

    Just signing in here. Jaws you can skip the nickname speech, I'm already here under 2 other names. This one is just for the Arena and such, a place you won't find either of my old names unless you go back a bit :D

    Here's a hint: both other names start with the same word. Who can guess it?
  2. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    I have no idea how to spell it Kirschiani? I know thats wrong.
  3. Jaws10387 Hiding

    who are you? maybe Garfobo?
  4. Kavu Titan New Member

    WRONG!!!!! On both accounts for that matter. Both names are veteran members you can find in the first 3 pages of the highest poster lists. ;)
  5. Jaws10387 Hiding

    Cateran Emperor?
  6. Fire Slinger Vetern CPA Member Pyromananic

    well if you are already signed in , I'm not going to say hi:p

    In fact, go away.
  7. Kavu Titan New Member

    Jaws wins a cookie!

    (hits jaws with a 20 ton weight) :D
  8. Kavu Titan New Member

    Pulls out another one for mean ol' fireslinger :mad:
  9. Fire Slinger Vetern CPA Member Pyromananic

    it was just a lame attempt at being funny. Please don't get mad.
  10. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Oh, of course... :) You want a nickname again?
  11. Kavu Titan New Member

    Haven't thought of one yet, but I'll tell you when I do
  12. Namielus Phrexian Plaguelord

    *Scare off Newbie Speech BEGIN
    Well welcome to the CRAZY WARD ahahahh!

    And from what I can tell the other me is only Zadok so, I can't be sure if Zadok knows about this other guy/if Zadok knows who I am.

    I need to sleep now.

    You are sleeping but you keep stealing the hands.

    Stop it!

    Your the one that is asleep!

    I'm the one that is awake.

    How can you be sure?

    Ok if I hit my head against the desk whoever controls the brains will say ouch.


    Who are you?

    Gee man that really hurt don't do that again or I will have to smash your left index finger.

    You wouldn't

    He has flipped

    Oh yea!


    I can't tupe witj that fimger amy more

    Why do you do that?


    Who woke me?

    Ummm mot me.

    I swear it wasn't me it was the other guy.

    How could you blame me like that?

    Jei tkat frocli,g hirts!

    Why did you bend off his middle finger?

    Hey that wasn't me!

    Hey someone just grabbed the left hand a smash the right, isn't that right hand dominate?


    I'm not left handed

    Neither am I

    O', go,,a loll ioi

    Well this is for righty!

    OUCH!!!!!! yyyoouuuuu smaassshheddd myys hiighheerrrr mootterrr connntrooollll!

    I'm gonna go back to sleep now...

    I help

    *Scare off Newbie Speech END

    And is from now on to be known as the scare off newbies speech
  13. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    Hey CATERAN. Wasup. How are you?
  14. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Doin' same as always dw :cool:. Weird snafu made my password longer than can be entered, so no Titan in the arena for a while :( He WILL be there though, oh yes he shall...

    Hmm, In case you're wondering why KT can be found outside of the Arena, it's b/c of this initial problem that makes me literally UNABLE to get back on as Kavu. As such, I just went around in a different skin for a while. Until I can get this worked out, he'll be on the ground.

    I'm coming for all of you though! :mad:

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