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Discussion in 'New & Returning Members' started by CAMDEX, Oct 1, 2001.

  1. CAMDEX Cabal Dementist

    Hi, i'm the new kid... I hope i like it here. I probably will anyway
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

  3. maraud234 Sir Psycho Sexy

    You might like, or you might not. It all depends on your view of insane assylums.

    Welcome, and stuff.
  4. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    Welcome to the CPA! :D
  5. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    I know it's not the nyght tyme yet, but I just HAVE TO!!!

    Ickety? Can you SMELL all of the BRAINS?
    Do they have a fimbert cube, waiting restlessly for the spider's leg?
    place. (of horrors, mirrors, clowns, anticlowns, etc.)

    I am thoroughly mad today. ^_^
  6. Goku Sylvan Warrior

    Madness isn't too bad.

    Welcome to the CPA.

    You'll like it here.

    Just remember the secret password:

    Mein fuB ist rot.

    (Yeah, I know that's supposed to be a beta, but I can't do that.)
  7. CAMDEX Cabal Dementist

    What was that german?
  8. DÛke Memento Mori


    Let's take a look at one of the most important rules of the CPA, shall we? We shall...

    1. You are not, in anyway, to spam in order to increase your post count.

    That's, it. Other than that, enjoy...

    Do NOT be fooled by the word "casual" here. We do have our fair-share of beasts, whom I'm one of, around here who will haunt you down should you try to as little as bend the rules. :)

    <shoves the new kid to the wall...>

    Much better...;)
  9. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    Don't listen to DUke, he's all talk :D. But the no spam rule is a good one. Anyway, judging by your posts so far you look to be a welcome addition to the CPA community. Enjoy.

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