July 8, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement


The Tentacled One

Bridge from Below is banned in Modern.

No changes to any other formats.

Earthcraft counter: 772 weeks. :rolleyes:

So I'm enthusiastic about the recent Modern Horizons set. It's my favorite set in a long time. Great set. Love almost everything about it. And I was slightly annoyed because I was seeing a certain crowd complain about it. This struck me as a bit odd. Legacy players seemed excited about it, and even Vintage players seemed interested, although my experience in that area is all online currently. EDH players loved the set. Limited players seemed to like it too, despite the price per pack. All of the complaints were coming from Modern players. Stuff like, "Why'd they call it Modern Horizons if it doesn't have any good cards for Modern in it?"

My reaction at the time was, "I got a good Draw7 spell that isn't banned for the first time in 20 years. This is awesome. Shut up or I will cut you."

Three weeks later the new set gets a card banned in Modern. :p:p:p

Delicious irony.

But seriously, I'm not really comfortable with this kind of decision being made after only a few weeks. I won't even comment on the whether a ban looked necessary or whether they targeted the right card. People who are actually into Modern can debate those finer points if they wish. I'm just saying, it's such a short span of time.


The Tentacled One
Hey Modern players, ditch that silly format and come over to Legacy. All those cards you were playing with are still legal here. I mean, not Cruise and Dig, but the other ones. Well, also not Gitaxian Probe or Deathrite Shaman for some stupid reason, but hey, no format is perfect. That's it though. You can have all of your other* old, banned toys back! So get out of your abusive relationship with a format that bans cards using the methodology depicted on a classic Unglued card. And join the better format. The one where WotC are too lazy to ban or unban anything except when someone places a sign in their parking lot telling them to.

*I'm well aware that Skullclamp, Sensei's Divining Top, and Mental Misstep are banned in Legacy, but those cards have never actually been legal in Modern, so Modern players wouldn't really be incensed about having lost them, right? I mean, that'd be silly. It'd be like Legacy players complaining that Earthcraft isn't legal in their format...