John Kerry: The Great Pretender?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by conservative_infidel, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. During his service, John Kerry suffered three wounds worthy of a Purple Heart, was decorated for various medals for distinguished service, and then walks away in robust health to clamor before a senate committee to testify against the men he served with?

    Here are some things that trouble me as a veteran of foreign war:

    1. John Kerry was the son of a Foreign Service Officer in the Eisenhower and exposed to politics throughout his life, John Kerry traveled a lot when and was young when he “learned firsthand what makes America a leader in the world.”

    2. John Kerry presented (and sometimes insisted) himself for his own military awards.

    3. 64 decorated Veterans who served along side John Kerry and on his boat dispute Kerry’s claims of actions under fire.

    4. John Kerry found time to be filmed, in addition to reenacting, his actions in Vietnam.

    5. After John Kerry testified before a Senate subcommittee that he himself committed war crimes along with others.
    6. John Kerry refuses to release his military service and medical records to the public.

    My observations:

    1. Heroes do not reenact and/or have them selves filmed.

    2. I don’t think heroes should recommend themselves for medals.

    3. John Kerry’s wounds did not disable him in Vietnam or afterward.

    4. Genuine military heroes/leaders who are fit and healthy do not skip out on their unit based on a technicality.

    5. Decorated war heroes and future Presidents do not typically claim having committed war crimes.

    6. John Kerry has made his service in Vietnam the key to his qualifications as Commander-in-Chief and a war hero who wants to be President, who is now waiving his own flag, would not hide behind a privacy clause to release service or medical record.

    7. John Kerry disparaged the men he served with in Vietnam as war criminals; these same veterans have disputed Kerry’s claims of heroism and conduct. Both sides are now casting doubt amidst accusations of each other’s credibility. Why will John Kerry not speak to these men and try to resolve their concerns in a open format, with each side addressing their concerns and questions?

    8. Is there a contradiction when after Vietnam John Kerry stated that he “ . . . volunteered to serve in Vietnam . . . because it was the right thing to do,’” ( How does he reconcile his political positions pre and post Vietnam?

    9. After admitting to a Senate subcommittee that he himself committed war crimes along with others, is it contradictory to point selectively to his own actions in Vietnam as a key qualification for his Presidential administration.

    10. Why has Kerry said so very little about his voting and attendance record as Senator, and seems to be overwhelmed reactively rather than behaving proactively to sell his qualifications?

    I am especially interested in responses to this posting by veterans, veterans of foreign war, political activists from both sides of the political spectrum. If my facts are incorrect, please respond in kind with facts and sources.

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