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    Final Jeopardy Answer: Purple/Portal. The rumor was started about 6-8 months before portal was released. According to the rumor wizards of the coasts was in development of a new color in which the land was a portal and the color being purple. Some people say that is where WOTC called portal what it is. Others say that WOTC was working on a color but due to player out cry botch it and started a set called portal. And others say that it was leaked that WOTC was a working on something called portal with out much detail in what the project was and rumors started. I personally believe the third.

    Current Scores
    Duel = 0
    Dark Horse = 100
    Hawaiian Mage = 300
    Y the Alien = 300
    Godhand = 1400
    Neo_keo = 1300
    Apollo = 300
    dw = 600

    Since godhand was able to guess half of the rumor(gave a color but didn't give a land) i gave him half of his wagered points. So congrats godhand your the winner!!!!!!

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