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I've played Magic so long I remember when...



1. The player that went first still got to draw a card.

2. All the cards had black borders (beta).

3. Hours would be spent in friendly (mostly) debate over a rules question

4. The only rules we had came in a paper book that was included in the Starter Packs

5. Black Lotus would cost you about $20.00 to obtain. (If only for Hindsight)

6. There was no such thing as Pro players.


The Tentacled One
BEFORE The Stack was around (I just never knew how batches of spells worked though).
Same here, but I bought some sort of Fifth Edition starter set or something and it came with a Fifth Edition rulebook. I began with that little rulebook and eventually started to develop a pretty thorough understanding of the rules nuances—right around the time it was all replaced by Sixth Edition rules.

Of course, DF has me beat, albeit by only a few years, but they were pretty formative years for the game. Let's see, though...

I remember Combo Winter.

I remember when Tradewind Rider ruled the skies. Oh wait, that happened here in one of our tribal games. Mwuhahahahaha.

I remember lots of people using phasing creatures, but no one understanding how they worked.

I remember buying Volrath the Fallen right after Nemesis came out, just because he looked cool.

I remember Great Whale being a formidable infinite combo card.

I remember scaring the other kids with Polar Kraken.

I remember having a bunch of cards, but not being able to tell which ones were rare because there weren't any gold expansion symbols.


Staff member
I remember trading dual lands for Lightning Bolts because I didn't use blue or black but I needed red damage spells.


The Tentacled One
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Black lotus was $135 for a beta one
Games took about 5-10 min
Revised boosters were $2.99


I saw my first channel-fireball by someone that realized there was a meta to the game...

The Mad Hatter played blue once in his Magic life - Invisible Juggernauts

When I actually questioned a rule enough to leave Stephen D'Angelo a voicemail. (Needless to say, hatter got a call, asking why the hell I would leave him a voicemail for a rules question)

Magic was about the flavor text

There was no real story line and all worlds were together as one.

you could still see "through" the packs

Crooked dealers were found using Micrometers to determine which packs had foil cards

Richard Garfield still owned the game

Artists were paid great royalty/ownership percentages

Consecrate Land met the almighty Strip Mine

Lace-ing effects were fun

When decks were built for ante.