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    I had mentioned in Spidey's Cyclone post that I had made a deck that had Aisling Leprechauns. Some people might enjoy this as this is a very casual deck. My goal was to turn everything green. It was created around the beginning of Mirage and doesn't have any of the newer cards in it. I am trying to do this deck by memory as I have long since taken it apart.

    4-Fyndhorn Elves
    4-Aisling Leprechaun
    4-Juniper Order Advocate
    2-Kelsinko Rangers
    2-Elvish Healers
    2-Craw Giants
    1-Gabriel Angelfire


    4-Green Ward
    4-Cop Green
    2-Crown of Ages

    1-Heart of Yavimaya
    1-Maze of Ith

    I have since traded away my savannah but I think I will try to put this together again using some of the newer cards. I always had fun playing it. Especially since I used Lifelace(would have been better to use something truly worthless like Purelace). People would look at the deck and say how the hell does that work?

    PS in case you didn't realize it the best trick was to enchant a leprechaun with Lure. Attack with it then after blocking is declared use the Maze to remove it from combat.

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