Is Bush The Antichrist?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by ageofdeception, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. ageofdeception New Member

    In spite of his failings as a leader, deception and lies, many people idolize George Bush -- much as the Germans idolized Hitler -- and attribute Bush to having god-like qualities. This stage, coupled with his intent to degradate all social reforms that have made our Nation great, qualifies him a candidate, when you consider the following:

    One chief characteristic of the coming antichrist is that he appears "as an angel of light." The antichrist, by very definition, is a master deceiver. He must be someone who appears as good and benevolent. The bite is in his tail not in his tongue.

    Nice guy?

    Bush snorted cocaine .... dodged the draft .... friends knew him as an alcoholic womanizer with a bad temper....a complete failure at business until his father's connections and wealthy friends rescued him...._a woman who accused him of rape ended up dead, which was called a suicide, but the cause of death is questlonable to some. Regardless, within a few years he was elected Governor of Texas, and quickly catapulted into the White House in spite of losing the popular vote.

    With an addictive, dependent personality, unable to function without the advice of his staff, he's been able to declare an endless war and institute some of the most radical changes in American history!

    Bush recently invited rocker, Ozzie Osbourne, to the White House. Ever heard of any notable Christian leader take Bush to task for that?
    Ozzie Osbourne, of the heavy metal band ominously called "Black Sabbath," is famous for stage antics such as biting the heads off birds and bats. His abuse of drugs and alcohol are also well known (something he has in common with our sitting president).

    Osbourne desecrated The Alamo by urinating all over it. In spite of this, George W. Bush is said to be one of Osbourne's biggest fans and, as such, Osbourne was recently invited to the White House for dinner. Have you heard any criticism of Bush for this?

    Bush possesses more deceptive qualities than any recent president and, therefore, is dangerous.

    It is clear even "the elect" can be deceived. Bush' s acceptance by the overwhelming majority of Christian people proves the country is ready for the antichrist.:eek:
  2. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant


    I'm no fan of the President, but this is just whacky.
    Although, it does lend credence to my theory that the mainstream (and right) of Christianity are all in league with the devil.

    I am curious about something. What are the god-like qualities that are attributed to Bush, and who is doing this attributing?
  3. ageofdeception New Member

    He claims he has been "born again," which, according to fundamentalist doctrine, means he is Christ-like.

    In a speech he gave in PA, he stated that God speaks through him.

    He has stated he gets his direction from his heavenly father, not his earthly father.

    He presents as someone who never errors -- perfect.

    Of course, he's not God-like, but wears his so-called Christianity on his sleeve for all to see, as did the pharisees, which were admonished by Christ, yet the Christian Right follows him blindly, ignoring all the signs of his past and his current blunders -- as if hypnotized -- they worship him, even though their Bible tells them not to worship false prophets.

    If he truly believed in God and that Christ was His son, sent to redeem mankind, he would not use the name of God and Christ for personal political gain as he would know the Bible warns not to use Jesus' name in vain, he would know God holds leaders of men to higher standards because of their influence on mankind, he would be concerned for his soul in the hereafter. If he was truly what to professes to be, someone who hears directly from God and is intuned to the Holy Spirit, we could compare him to Mother Teresa.

    His method of governing is anything but Christ-like, rather, just the opposite -- he gives to the rich and cares little for the poor and works to destroy the middle class.

    It is astonishing to me that people who call themselves "Christians" could follow someone who does not practice the teachings of Jesus or the biblical priniples given in the Bible, yet he continues to lure Christians into believing he possesses all that God says is good and just. It's the greatest deception I've witnessed in my lifetime.
  4. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    Okey-dokey.'re not by any chance a Jodie Foster fan, are you?
  5. ageofdeception New Member

    re Jodie Foster is offensive to me and, presumably, would be to Foster. I take it you are saying I'm certifiable to be talking about the end times as told in the Book of Relevations -- sorry you didn't like what I had to say or, worse, didn't get it.

    My reference to the Bible is timely in that our president is currently mixing it with politics and using it in decision-making, with claims he follows God's word, which is the Bible, so I think it's on point, but I suppose one would have to be a believer to understand.

    I hate hyprocisy, believe in the separation of church and state, and fear for our country both at home and in the world at large under its present leadership and you should too.
  6. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    It wasn't veiled at all. I was making fun of you. I admit it freely.

    But the President, goofus that he is, is no more the Antichrist than any other religious zealot. Such behavior is common from the religious right. I was thus left to draw one of two conclusions -- either you are joking, or you are loony. I hoped you were joking. Apparently I was mistaken.

    Argue the Bible with me all you like. I'm well-versed, no pun intended. Just don't expect me to agree with you that Bush is the Antichrist, despite the fact that your arguments otherwise make sense. It's not the arguments, but the conclusion that I find fault with.

    One thing, though:

    On this we are in complete agreement.

    And you know what? If Bush pushes through legislation (or Executive Order) that mandates a Sunday Sabbath, I will not only apologize to you, I will join your cause. That's a sign that would really get my attention.
  7. ageofdeception New Member

    should remain so, I would never argue it with anyone, and I did not say Bush is the Antichrist, I posed the thought as a question, adding a question mark, as if to say "could he be"?

    If you are well-versed in the Bible, you would know the many signs that are in place for the end times.

    We are fighting religious zealots with no fear of death and we are led by fundamentalist ideological bigots -- that's a combustible mixture that puts the entire world in peril!

    I don't think it's unreasonable to think the end might be near and I think the decription of the Antichrist fits Bush like a glove!

    If cooler minds prevail, we might be fortunate enough to have time to rejoin the global community in fighting terrorism -- we might be successful if all nations join together in the fight before all is lost.

    Bush is personally incapable of sitting down at a global table for dialogue -- he's too arrogant to listen to other leaders and when he is with them, he talks down to them, insults them, most of whom are more intelligent than he -- he's a joke to other leaders and, worse, they see he's a loose cannon and so they've distanced themselves from him.

    Yes, I'm afraid he may be the one who does us in, in which case the meaning of the term Antichrist would apply, as it is the same thing as a deceptive person, with a mean spirit, capable of evil, someone like Hitler who leads his people astray based on bogus righteousness -- I think it all applies to Bush.
  8. EricBess Active Member

    So, manipulation of perception...pulling remarks out of context...allegations that I for one have never heard before - without supporting material...

    Sure, I'll buy in on your little conspiracy theory :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  9. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    It isn't exactly a conspiracy theory...

    "A theory seeking to explain a disputed case or matter as a plot by a secret group or alliance rather than an individual or isolated act. " -AHD

    But if you actually research all this antichrist stuff, over the centuries, different people have come up with all sorts of mathematical thingies to prove that just about everyone is "the Antichrist."

    Some examples I remember were Nero, Adolf Hitler, Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton...

    There were tons of them though...

    That section of the Bible is kind of trippy and open to multiple interpretations anyway...

    Yes, I called it trippy. Heh...

    I'm sure if I really wanted to, I could come up with some strange way to "prove" that I am "the Antichrist."

    But I'll just cut my post short here (saves time for myself and those who would read it) by saying that anything else I would have addressed in this thread has been addressed already by Turtle, and probably better than I would have done... :rolleyes:
  10. Ivotekerry New Member

    This is wierd me and my dad were talking about this the other day we even called him little Hitler. It amazes me how people will back him up every policy he signs weither it is foreign or healthcare or economic you can't make sense out of any of them. We even fight a war in the wrong country and everybody thinks we are still fighting the center of terrorism. Lies misleading people are still brain washed I guess. Christians don't lie constently. Why would the US want arrogants as Commander and Chief? Bushs stubbornness and arrogants if re-elected he will not change a thing more poverty and more deaths. What is Bush running his reelection on? I screwed up so bad this time I will be better this time come on GET REAL!. Yes he stood up and made a passionate speeches about how he loves america an did not back down. But his handling of the war sucked why is it so hard to see. A change in the White House should happen in Nov. that is what is all about presidential canditates say what they are going to do but no one knows tell they are there. I don't think it cound get worst with a change.

    Anti-Christ this guy is praised people like him no matter what just like Jesus and people hate him just like some hated jesus.

    Bottom line if Bush is a Christian Marilyn Manson is to.
  11. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    I will now proceed to translate this post into English...

    "This is weird. Me and my dad were talking about this the other day. We even called him little Hitler! It amazes me how people will back him up on every policy he signs whether it is foreign or healthcare or economic. You can't make sense out of any of them. We even fight a war in the wrong country and everybody thinks we are still fighting the center of terrorism. People are still brain washed I guess. Christians don't lie constantly. Why would the US want arrogance as Commander and Chief? Bush's stubbornness and arrogance, if re-elected, will not change and will only lead to more poverty and more deaths. What is Bush running his reelection campaign on: I screwed up so bad this time but I will be better next time? Come on, GET REAL! Yes, he stood up and made passionate speeches about how he loves America and did not back down. But his handling of the war sucked. Why is it so hard to see? A change in the White House should happen in January. That is what this is all about. Presidential candidates say what they are going to do, but no one knows until they are there. I don't think it could get worse with a change.

    Anti-Christ. This guy is praised. People like him no matter what-- just like Jesus. And people hate him, just like some hated Jesus.

    Bottom line: if Bush is a Christian, Marilyn Manson is too."
  12. poppy New Member

    It's silly to say that Bush could be the antichrist. For one, the antichrist will be worshipped and loved by the majority of the world. He will represent a false peace and unity for his blind followers. Now, I am a strong Bush supporter, but we all know that he is not loved by all...but rather hated by many for his biblical stance on the issues, steadfastness in his convictions, and swift actions against anything that threatens this country. I personally believe that he is sincerely striving towards making the world more peaceful by ridding it of tyrants & terrorists, but again, we ALL know that he is not universally seen that way. Remember to think through how the antichrist is going to be perceived by the masses before labeling someone like President Bush as such.

  13. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    The whole "antichrist" thing isn't universally agreed upon though...

    I think it's silly.
  14. Reverend Love New Member

    I hope he is. That would be cool..huh..huh...huh.
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    ageofdeception... clearly i have one thing to say.. .**** my nut
  16. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    I sort of doubt that's going to happen...
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    13NoVa: Although it appears the originator of the thread is gone, we don't need the insults...
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    Just can't let a sleeping thread lie, can we?:rolleyes:
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