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Discussion in 'CPA Voting Forum' started by Zadok001, Oct 14, 2000.

  1. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Alright, I've seen the results from the MtgNews poll for the top ten Invasion cards, but I'm curious if us annoying casual players think any differently. Basically, list your personal top ten cards in Invasion, numbered and IN ORDER. I'll do a ranking later this week after enough people have had a chance to respond.

    I'll post mine a few days from now.

    Vote now! Save the Pale Moons from extinction! (Wait, why would you want to do THAT?)
  2. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Because they make cool looking wallpaper? :D

    I've paid little attention to G or W except for what to prepare for. I only paid much attention to B, R, and U, but mostly to B/R. My 10 favorites of those are:

    1. Blazing Specter (any Specters are always welcome, this guy is brilliant)

    2. Void (mmm, boom...)

    3. Pyre Zombie (I like R/B hmm? :D)

    4. Skizzik (if for no other reason than the name)

    5. Plague Spitter (no, I don't see any Elves either :D)

    6. Smoldering Tar (better than Subversion in a duel)

    7. Obliterate (Nether Spirit likes it, but that's about it sadly. It's the most dramatic feeling card ever, and I will find a way to use my foil one)

    8. Mage's Contest (no, you may NOT cast Story Circle, unless you pay a whole lot of life...)

    9. Urza's Rage (Counterspell? Watch me not care)

    10. Tsabo's Decree (for when you've had more Rebels than you can swallow)

    Honorable Mention: Yawgmoth's Agenda. There's gotta be SOME way to use this, but I haven't found it yet :(

    Coolest non-Gold looking foil: gotta be Obliterate for me. You can blind your opponent with the blast in the background plus the red foil :D

    I'd like to put on a new category if I could: coolest new Legend. I'd vote for Crosis, cool art and useful ability if you ever cast him. The various Attendants were a good idea.
  3. Dark_Tira Not quite dead yet.

    Let's see...
    1. Hanna, Ship's Navigator
    2. Reya Dawnbringer
    3. Coalition Victory
    4. Yawgmoth's Agenda
    5. Captain Sisay
    6. Obliterate
    7. Blind Seer
    8. Planar Portal
    9. Spreading Plague
    10. Dromar, the Banisher
  4. Baskil CPA Member

    I'll steal it from my column to avoid confusion:

    10. Scouting Trek

    9. Kavu Titan

    8. Alabaster Leech

    7. Sterling Grove

    6. Yawgmoth’s Agenda

    5. Armadillo Cloak

    4. Undermine/Absorb

    3. The new duals

    2. Utopia Tree

    1. Perish (Just kidding)

    1.Fact or Fiction
  5. Ertai New Member

    1. Recoil
    2. Absorb
    3. Pyre Zombie
    4. Benalish Heralds
    5. Void
    6. Teferi's Moat
    7. Zanam Djinn
    8. Seer's Vision
    9. Blind Seer
    10. Utopia Tree
  6. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    hmm, lets see. With number one being my favorite, for me its:

    10) Fact or Fiction

    9) Sabertooth Nishoba

    8) Aura Shards

    7) Rith, the Awakener

    6) New psuedo-duals

    5) Armadillo Cloak

    4) Chromatic Sphere

    3) Undermine

    2) Noble Panther

    1) Scouting Trek
  7. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    My own list is as follows:

    1. Fact or Fiction
    2. Pyre Zombie, my personal favorite card of the set
    3. Obliterate
    4. Blazing Specter
    5. Blind Seer
    6. Mage's Contest
    7. Kavu Titan
    8. Recoil
    9. Noble Panther
    10. Urza's Rage

    And the rankings as they stand for the Top Ten Cards of Invasion (I'll update the rankings as I get more responses):

    1. Pyre Zombie, with 25 points
    2. Fact or Fiction, with 21 points
    3. Obliterate, with 20 points
    4. Blazing Specter, with 17 points
    5. Absorb, with 16 points
    6/7. Undermine/Void, tied for 6/7th with 15 points
    8/9. Dual lands and Recoil, tied for 8/9th with 13 points
    10. Yawgmoth's Agenda, Blind Seer, and Armadillo Cloak with 12 points each
  8. Apollo Bird Boy


    1. Fact or Fiction
    2. Skizzik
    3. Undermine/Absorb
    4. Blazing Specter
    5. Duals

    I don't really think I could come up with more than that.
  9. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    1: Fact or Fiction
    2: Do or Die
    3: Void
    4: Pyre Zombie
    5: Dual's
    6: Blazing Specter
    7: Recoil
    8: Lobotomy
    9: Skizzik!!
    10: Undermine
    Honorable mention:Obliterate

    I like B/R/U and you should too! (alright it's not a good time for a lame rhyme:))
  10. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    1. Utopia tree
    2. Fact or Fiction
    3. Recoil
    4. Obliterate
    5. Pyre Zombie
    6. Steling grove
    7. New duals
    8. Kavu Titan
    9. Pulse of llanowar
    10. Goblin spy (No, seriously. It's good.)
  11. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    1) Mages Contest
    2) Absorb
    3) Fact Or Fiction
    4) Trench Wurm
    5) Undermine
    6) Sleeper`s Robe
    7) Skizzik
    8) Noble Panther
    9) Rogue Kavu
    10) Yawgmoth`s Agenda
  12. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    1. duals
    2. fact or fiction
    3. skizzik
    4. charging troll/noble panther
    5. mages contest
    6. blazing specter
    7. capashen unicorn
    8. pyre zombie
    9. trench wurm
    10. can't think of a 10th best! (looks at previous posts) Kavu titan :)
  13. Killer Joe Active Member

    10.)Utopia Tree
    9.) Spite/Malice
    8.) Recoil
    7.) Metathran Transport
    6.) Yawgmoth's Agenda
    5.) Salt Marsh
    4.) Samite Archer
    3.) Armadillo Cloak
    2.) Fact or Fiction
    1.) Undermine
  14. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    1. Fact or Fiction
    2. Skizzik
    3. Undermine/Absorb
    4. Blazing Specter
    5. Duals
    6. Lobotomy
    7. Kavu Titan
    8. Blind seer
    9. Any Dragon legend
    10.Blind seer
  15. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    10) Searing Rays: this has serious potential to be unbalanced in your favor. Nice finisher, I've dealt 22 damage with this spell in Chaos.

    9) Dual Lands: perfect lands for long multiplayer games where people usually won't bother to spend tons of money on the real things.

    8) Kavu Titan: this guy is powerful and versatile. Will see play in T2 and casual, also in Spike decks where you can move counters around ;)

    7) Aura Shards: I don't know if people realize how powerful this card is. It will take 2 weeks for this card to be restricted in my group play. And its uncommon.

    6) Elvish Champion: Goes up many spots because of the killer artwork. But the card is good too.

    5) Void: This card is bad-ass. It loses points b/c its gold, but I can understand why.

    4) Fact of Fiction: The best blue search card/drawer in a long, long time. This one is getting proxided right along with my Sol Ring and Zuran Orb. When I get some that is.

    3) Psychic Battle: Casual play written all over it. Fun card, I dig it.

    2) Undermine: hmmm, tasty counter spell. Nice addition to B/U creatureless decks.

    1) Mage's Contest: I love this card, I want this card. I hate you Story Circle, Douse and all the like.

    WORST CARD: Loafing Giant: "Duh, I'm a rare because, well uh, I'm not sure either."

    Most underrated commons:
    Dream Thrush, think of it this way:
    1U, Flying, 1/1
    TAP: Target land produces 1 mana of any color OR any creatures you control with landwalk can now do their thing OR Maze of Ith is now useless OR your City of Brass won't deal damage to you any more OR.....

    Traveler's Cloak
    Cantrip: Possible game breaker. Me like pretty blue cards.

    Quirion Sentinel
    Although he isn't quite a 2/1 for G, he is damn close to being one. He can be used in beatdown decks and combo decks. Nice little creature.

    OK so its not underrated, but it is very very good. Good on its own, best used with discard to get rid of artifacts and enchantments.
  16. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    The latest rankings are:

    1. Fact or Fiction, with an overwhelming 93 points!
    2. Undermine, trailing WAY back at 58.
    3. The new Duals, with 47.
    4. Absorb, 42.
    5. Pyre Zombie, 41.
    6. Blazing Specter, 36.
    7. Mage's Contest, 34.
    8. Void, 29.
    9. Recoil, 28.
    10. Obliterate, 27.

    Fact or Fiction rules the race by a LONG shot, nothing even comes close at this point. The new counters come in at 2 and 4, and the now infamous Obliterate in 10th place. Nice so far, but I'm sure there are more opinions out there... :) Care to tell me about 'em?
  17. Rathian Cavalier with an Attitude

    For me its,

    10. Reya Dawnbringer/Blazing Spectre
    9. Uzra's Rage
    8. Undermine
    7. Do or Die
    6. Kavu Titan
    5. Skizzik
    4. Dual Lands
    3. Aether Rift
    2. Pyre Zombie
    1. Fact or Fiction :)
  18. Thrash Golem New Member

    1. Verdeloth the ancient
    2. Forest
    3. Foil verdeloth the ancient
    4. foil mountain
    5. foil forest
    6. scarred puma
    7. noble panther
    8. horned cheetah
    9. coalition victory
    10. foil noble panther

    you can use foils right?
  19. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Okay, here's the real list.

    1: Blazing Specter (it's just too good)
    2: Skizzik (4 for 5, for 5 for more)
    3: Utopia Tree (Attacking Walls of Paradise)
    4: Fact or Fiction (what do you think, do I win with THESE cards, or do I win with THESE cards?)
    5: Pyre zombie (You block with serra? Okay, sac, 2 more, damage, dead angel. My next turn mister P.Z. is back
    6: Pulse of Llanowar (I cast sliver queen, which land do YOU want to produce which mana?)
    7: Recoil (no hand? That's a mighty interesting Blazing Specter you have there.....)
    8: Addle (Mister Rebel? I think I'll choose white)
    9: Rout (Attack ME? For lethal damage? With all those squirrel tokens? I think NOT!)
    10: Dual lands (I play Urborg Volcano first turn. What, gloating that your land doesn't tap to comes into play? Gee, then will I vendetta or Shock your 1/1 new creature?

    It's just right

    Ransac, that guy
  20. Landkiller CPA Menace

    My List!

    My Ego makes my list the best!!!

    1. Mages' Contest

    This card opens a new realm of possibility into red. Since red is, has, and always will be "Best" it earns my vote here.

    2. Void

    This is just good.

    3. Seer's Vision
    Coercion + Telepathy = Good!

    4. Urza's Rage

    And I thought good burn was a thing of the past. This will go in type I burn. It's that good.

    5. Spinal Embrace

    Just like the Urza's Saga embraces, this one card keeps going and going. Gain control of a guy. Untap the guy. Give the guy haste. Kill the guy. Gain Life for the guy. What will they think of next.

    6. Cauldron Dance

    Wins the most fun award.

    7. Exclude

    Wins the best counterspell award. Absorb and Undermine are sappy two color cards that are best used with Dream Halls.

    8. Tsabo's Decree

    Show me the HATE!

    9. Addle

    I like looking at peoples hands and giving them that big preemptive NO!

    10. Fact or Fiction

    Bowing to popular demand, I put this highly overrated card here. It only is good when you access the graveyard. Otherwise, give me Inspiration back! I don't want my opponent to know how many counterspells I have. I don't want my opponent to learn what I have by inference if I take a pile. They play you.

    Honorable Mention
    Twilights' Call
    Spreading Plague
    Sisay, the Cap'n
    Pyre Zombie
    Dueling Grounds
    Fruitopia Tree
    Blazing Specter
    Devouring Strossus

    Devouring Strossus will show those Silly Dragons whose Boss!!

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