Invasion: what we know so far

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    Most of this information comes from the new Inquest and Topdeck. If you have anything to add post, so everyone has a good idea of what Invasion will be like.

    An ancient Dominarian race known as Kavus arise from there slumber, deep in the caves beneath Yavimaya. They arise only now to help protect their home from the invaders.

    The Invasion begins with Phyrexian portal ships. The Phyrexians are still using the plague, now using plague bombers and special Phyrexians specifically designed to spread the plague. The Phyrexian leader(on Dominaria, it's still unknown if Yawgmoth will appear or when Rath and Crovax will join in),Tsabo Tavoc, has been brought in to attack specific people who get in the Phyrexians way.

    Portal ships appear in many locations over Dominaria at once, releasing thousands of Phyrexians. The initial attack focuses on Benalia, Llanowar, Keld, Urborg, Shiv, Yavimaya, Verdura, Kipamu, Koilos, and Teferi's Isle, although by the time everything is finished almost every area of Dominaria will be attacked.

    Yavimaya's defenses have never slowed down, and it has paid off. The forest's current main defense is the 3000 ft tall Magnigoth Treefolk.

    The dragon leader of Shiv, Darigaaz, joins the cause against the Phyrexians, and seeks more of his kind to help out.
  2. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    Finally, It shows that Yavimaya is strong.
    Now I can use this fact to back me up when I'm bashing people in the "Battle Arena". :D
  3. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Not as strong as the Cateran Guild oh tree-hugger :D

    I haven't gotten the new IQ or Topdeck near me for some reason :( , but I'll add on more as I find it :cool:
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    I agree with Multani. I love the fact that Yavimai has gotten of its dead ass, and has started to kick some Phyrexian steel plated ass.

    Excited as always...
    Ihsan's Shade

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