Invasion/7th Angel Deck

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  1. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    Following Istanbuls lead, I made up a deck with only Invasion Block and 7th edition cards.

    3-Haunted Angels 2W
    4-Glimmering Angels 3W
    4-Voice of All 2WW
    3-Lightning Angel 1UWR
    4-Serra Angel 3WW

    4-Coalition Flags W
    4-Glorius Anthem 1WW

    3-March of Souls 4W

    2-Dismantling Blow 2W
    2-Orim's Thunder 2W


    1-Fire Diamond-2
    1-Marble Diamond-2
    1-Sky Diamond-2

    3-Coastal Towers
    3-BattleField Forge
    3-Shivan Reef

    I chose March of Souls over Wrath of God because of Haunted Angel and Glorius Anthem but this may be faulty thinking

    PS anyone getting any of the apocalypse cards in this deck that would be willing to trade LMK.

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