Infinite insects in T2

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  1. Sammy Dead-O wasting away again

    Well, I've been looking for a decent infinite-Insect combo, and I wanted to post this idea here to get some ideas on backing it up, and to make sure it actually works. The combo:

    With Wirewood Hivemaster out, Standardize all creatures to Elves, then repeatedly play Wirewood Symbiote and bounce it back to your hand with its own ability (it should "forget" that it's used the ability for the turn), untapping a mana creature each time.

    Turn 1: land, Bird
    2: land, Hivemaster
    3: Standardize, begin playing and replaying Symbiote

    I know it's pretty shaky, but I like lesser-used infinite creature combos. I suppose it's possible that Standardize will only affect creatures in play at the time it resolves, which does, of course, ruin the combo. Any of you with a better grasp of the rules have thoughts on that?

    If it does work, it would start with:

    4 Wirewood Hivemaster
    4 Wirewood Symbiote
    4 Standardize

    But which mana creatures would work best? Llanowar Elves? Birds of Paradise? Birchlore Rangers? Wirewood Elf? And would it be a good idea to try to fit in the Wirewood Channeler/Pemmin's Aura combo as well?

    And what should fill out the deck? The standard Elf stuff? Wirewood Herald definitely seems important to me. Timberwatch, Taunting, and Wellwisher all seem good too.

    Thanks very much for checking this out and for any advice you may offer!
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    From crystalkeep (alternatively the Onslaught FAQ)

  3. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Conspiracy could help - and give you dark ritual abuse... but that's not type 2...

    Most I could suggest is not to run blue - just run elves or something...
  4. Rooser Thread Necromancer

    Yeah, dude, that's ALMOST a cool combo. There's gotta be someway to make it work though...

    Heh, you COULD do it with two Artificial Evolutions and a Dralnu's Crusade. Make it so all Insects are Elves in addition to their other creature types.
  5. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Aggravated Assault - if you get the mana cycle going - you could then produce enough to keep casting the hivemaster...;) :rolleyes: ;)

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