Increasing the Number of Characters in a Post


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Hey Ed, can you increase the number of characters in a post to something like 20,000 (I think it's 10,000 right now)? Or show me how to do it - I looked and it doesn't seem I can, but I may have missed it.


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It's actually easier than it seems to reach 10k characters than you might think. That number includes all the "invisible" text that goes into a post in the form of html tags (links, font changes, color) and whatnot. It adds up pretty quickly. Boogiepop stated that his "game state" post in the LotR game has reached the limit already and that doesn't seem all that complicated to me. I know I exceeded that number for my initial post of the last sports league draft (which is why I couldn't link all the cards) and I have a feeling that my second post of the Crapstorm game is eventually going to hit the wall, as well (if I every go back to updating it).

Considering the sort of things we use this board for (with all the games) it's really beneficial to open up the character limits.


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Testing, testing. Can I post?

(I picked a random thread in the blahblahblah board because my previous attempt to post a reply in a real thread failed)