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    Hayabusa & Crew

    4x Ninja of the Deep Hours
    4x Throat Slitter
    4x Mistblade Shinobi
    3x Higure, the Still Wind
    1x Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni

    Ninja Hellicarriers

    4x Ornithopter
    4x Sage Owl

    Ninja Gadgets

    4x Minamo Sightbender
    4x Shuriken
    4x Curiosity
    4x Blinding Powder
    4x Whispersilk Cloak

    Ninja decks, frankly, are exciting. Yes, they're pretty archetypical (given the select few cards that were actually even given a 'Ninja' creature type. Hmph!) - but you can get pretty inventive if you try.

    The Good:

    Ninjas ROCK at taking-apart aggro decks. Like, they're frigging AWESOME at it. Land some pain, take-out some guys, net some extra cards for all your opponent's troubles. They're dead before they even realize there's a metal star lodged in their jugular.

    The Bad:

    Ninjas SUCK at dealing with control decks, and kind of get into sticky situations with decks that run lots of 'air cover' (Spider decks are a real nuisance - though are certainly beatable). Your guys are small, and anything but the beatdown.

    The Breakdown:

    Ninja of the Deep Hours: 2/2, built-in curiousity. At a hardcast value of 3U, he'd be strictly awful but for one important thing - Ninjitsu 1U! So long as he's pouncing from the shadows during your combat step, he's pretty damn GOOD.

    Throat Slitter: 2/2, throws a Dark Banishing whenever she hits home. Again, nothing to brag about if the hardcasting value of 4B (!) is solely examined - but she jumps-in on an unblocked attack for a more than fair 2B! A bit of a slouch when dealing with black creatures, but more than worth a maindeck slot for when you run into any other colors.

    Mistblade Shinobi: 1/1, pops an unsummon after smacking an opponent. Crappy hardcast (2U), INSANE Ninjitsu (U!!!!). Primary disruptive weapon, working on just about any critter that you don't happen to like.

    Higure, the Still Wind: 3/4, Ninjitsu 2UU. Hardcast isn't even worth mentioning. Second most expensive Ninja to deploy, but well worth the effort. Tutors for Ninjas upon hitting home, and makes any Ninja unblockable at any time for 2 colorless mana!! He doesn't even need to TAP!!!

    Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni: 5/4, Ninjitsu 3BB. Biggest and most expensive Ninja present. Regenerates for 1B, reanimates your opponent's stuff under your control upon coming through unblocked, and otherwise makes for a very tidy finisher.

    Ornithopter/Sage Owl: If your Ninjas were SEALs, these would be their Hueys. Sage Owl even goes so far as to try and set itself up with an optimal Ninja outlet, presuming there's one within the top four cards of your library.

    Minamo Sightbender/Whispersilk Cloak: After they get into play, your Ninjas have to be able to sneak around. These are the tools for just such purposes.

    Shuriken: Sometimes, you just need to get things out of your way. Shurikens are the answer for that. Can inflict 2 damage for each Ninja you have in play, presuming that you're willing to pay 2 for each shot.

    Curiosity: You're hitting home anyway. Why not net mad card advantage while you're at it?

    Blinding Powder: Sometimes you need to get it the way of big fat guys that you can't get rid of (Troll Ascetic or Plated Slagwurm, for example). Ninjas aren't that great at doing it without being knocked right into the bin. Unless those big fat guys are too busy swatting smoke to hit them! This card is terrific at saving your ass - and multiple copies can even help you sneak-in some Ninja strikes by making your opponent opt for terrible blocks.
  2. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    First of all, i think you need to cut the deck down to sixty cards. Especially with Ninja, you need the consistency of a second turn drop and a third turn ninja.

    Secondly, you need a lot of 'coasters': cheap creatures that'll come through unblocked easily.. (sometimes, flyers don't cut it! More removal will help). You currently are only playing eight which might not be enough. I would consider adding something like Metathran Soldier or Spire Golem.

    Lastly, something that lets your ninja's come through unblocked once they have hit the table. Whispersilk Cloak and Minamo Sightbender are great, but they both only allow one ninja to come through. A personal favorite is Ensnare. After declaring attackers, you can just tap all creatures and the ninja's will be able swing home unhindered.

    Next, you could consider some instant removal.. it punishes people who try to attack you, hoping that the creature they left on defense will hold of your shinobi horde. Three copies of terror might already be enough to either force a couple of ninja's through or force an opponent to keep all his creatures for defense. (I use Recoil, but I'm working the discard theme a lot more)

    I don't think you need curiosity for card-advantage; the ninja's will do that for ya!

    I still have a ninja deck lying around somewhere.. decklist of the top of my head:
    (Stinkweed Imp might also fit this deck nicely..)

    The real benefit of using Pit Imp over Ornithopter is that it can kill creatures if needed; people are little bit more relunctant to block it (when they can). And it fits the theme!

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