I'm teh Xbox Live-ing

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Reverend Love, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Reverend Love New Member

    Give me a holler @ lfbaxter

    You can kill me at Halo 2.
  2. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    You are making me jealous.
    Pay me fees, will ya? I wanna play.
  3. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Yeah, I'm not the biggest fans of online console games. Too much cash involved. This is why I will never play Final Fantasy XI (only FF title I'll never touch!). I mean let's look at this:

    1. PS2 Console $200
    2. FF XI ($100)
    3. Online Service ($30-50/month)
    4. FF XI online service ($20/month)

    That's just too much money. When I buy a game I expect to pay between $30-50 (plus $15-20 more for the strategy guide if necessary) and get between 40-100 hours of enjoyment. That's it. Any more than that is just a waste of cash (I know the prices might be different, but my connection is too slow to properly research it).


    "I know, I'm probably comparing apples w/ oranges, but the principle's the same..."
  4. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    Personally, I detest any of those bloody games that ask for a monthly fee. You pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 when the game comes out... get a months payed subscription... and after that it's $10 a month to play it.

    You're paying $120 a year... which isn't too bad... but on $120 I can buy 6-10 games for that much. Heck, I'm a bargain bin hunter anywho... and I play too much lan gaming.

    That's the ticket, why not go lan gaming? We have the technology for the wireless part... why not wire entire neighborhoods for it and have people play each other in a community? Heck, I think that would be a neat way to go.
  5. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    Alternatively, you could just buy the PC version and pay the fee for that. It'll save you the money for the PS2 (and the hard drive) since you evidently don't want it for anything else.

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