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    If anybody is interested in writing for Scrye, they just sent out a Call for Submissions. I don't know how accessable this mailing list is, but it isn't exclusive since the freelancers and potential freelancers get it. So, in the interest of helping both the mag and anybody who'd like to write, I'll post the call for submissions below--

    (A printable version can be found at this address:
    http://www.geocities.com/sefroney/scrye.htm )

    From : Winter, Jason (winterj@krause.com)
    Sent : Tuesday, December 9, 2003 7:06 AM
    To : Sefro (kwbishop@hotmail.com)


    Thanks everyone for your work on the last two issues! If you haven't submitted
    your article(s) for issue #69 yet, the due date is Monday the 15th.

    This CFS is going out a bit earlier than usual, to get out ahead of Christmas,
    when I'll barely be in the office and most of you will (hopefully) be thinking
    of things other than CCGs - unless, of course, you're planning to teach your
    family how to play, which is always a good idea. Between Thanksgiving 2002 and
    now, I've taught my brother and his two sons three CCGs and a host of other
    board and card games, and, if you read my editorial in #67, you'll see that
    there's never a bad time for spreading the gaming love!

    Issue #69, BTW, marks our one-year anniversary as a monthly publication! I think
    it's gone pretty well, and I've been happy with how the submission process has
    worked with the tighter deadlines and the two-for-one Calls for Submissions, but
    we're always open to suggestions as to how we can improve.

    Another thing that we started back in issue #57 was the expanded reviews
    section, which has met with almost universal praise (I've only heard one guy who
    didn't like it, as opposed to several who do). Going forward, we're trying to
    refine what we present in the reviews a bit. In general, we should try to
    concentrate less on the actual mechanics and rules of a game (which should
    rarely be more than one paragraph) and more on what makes it cool and why people
    should (or shouldn't) play it. Take a look at a movie review - obviously, they
    can't tell you the entire plot, so they concentrate more on the substance and
    "feel" of the movie than on exactly how it's executed.

    Style note of the month: When referring to cards in text, always use the card's
    full name (subtitle included, like Frodo, Hope of Free Peoples or Majin Dabura,
    the Redeemed) on first reference in the story. Later on, you can use an
    abbreviated title (like "Frodo" or "Dabura") or even an acronym, but you must
    use the full name on first reference. I've generally been correcting these
    myself, but there are some games (like just about anything made by Decipher)
    that have long names and/or subtitles that I'd rather not have to look up.

    Also, pay heed to capitalization and punctuation, like Sneaking! in Lord of the
    Rings and It's Not Over... in WarCry. Always include that punctuation in the
    title of the card. If the card is at the end of the a sentence, you don't need
    any additional punctuation, but otherwise, punctuate as if it didn't have the
    extra punctuation. This is probably a bigger issue with Raw Deal than with any
    other game - hey Barron, stop making all those cards with exclamation

    Most articles come in three sizes. Please specify the size you want for your

    400-450 words: 0.5 page, best suited for deck articles, when you are absolutely
    certain you can squeeze your concept into this much space

    600-700 words: 0.75 pages

    8-900 words: 1 full page

    Everything (including deck lists) is included in this word count.

    Reviews follow a slightly different pattern. Most are full pages (6-700 words),
    though CCG reviews (5-600 words) need more space, so we can fit in the
    description box. We also occasionally need shorter reviews (4-500 words) to fit
    on a three-quarter page, so don't hesitate to suggest those for simpler games.
    Also, for major releases, we will occasionally do 1.5 or 2-page reviews. I'll
    give you a word count on those.

    (Oh, and if anyone wants to step up and review any of the new or upcoming
    releases from Bandai, speak up now - I don't know nothin' 'bout no Gundam!)

    We'll send a CFS out approximately every two months sometime around the middle
    of every other month (February, April, June, August, October, and December).
    What we'll need from you is your article ideas for the next TWO issues. So
    you'll need to think ahead a bit, not only for what you want to present now, but
    for what you think will be a good article about two months down the road.

    For most pieces, this won't be a problem, but keep in mind that a deck article
    that is valid now may be radically altered by a future release, which only seems
    like it's a long ways down the road. To make things easier, we've included our
    release calendar (as much as we know) for the next few months. Of course, if you
    need more time for your article (to get the most recent information), that can
    usually be arranged. As a result, the CFS will now have three dates: a combined
    query deadline for both issues, and article deadlines for each issue.

    Our current CCG release calendar is at the bottom of this file.

    The query deadline for these issues is Friday, December 19. All queries must be
    received by 3:00 p.m. Central. All queries MUST be in by this time. Though it is
    possible for articles to be added after this time, if there's room, there are no
    guarantees. Assignments will likely be sent out on Monday the 22nd or Tuesday
    the 23rd

    The article deadline for issue #70 is Monday, January 19.

    The article deadline for issue #71 is Monday, February 16.

    My 30th birthday is on Friday, January 30. Gifts and bribes are appreciated.

    Save this e-mail, so you don't lose track of your deadlines. Extensions can
    usually be given for articles, if asked for. Do not deliver an article late
    without giving proper notice (a day or two is usually fine, but when it gets to
    a week, we get testy).

    If you have any questions, feel free to call or email.

    Thanks everyone, and don't play too hard! Happy Holidays!

    Jason Winter
    Associate Editor, Scrye
    715-445-4612, x604

    December 2003
    Dungeons & Dragons TMG: Dragoneye (Wizards of the Coast)
    Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament (Score)
    A Game of Thrones: A Throne of Blades (Fantasy Flight)
    Cyberpunk: 2013 (Social Games)
    Legend of the Five Rings: Reign of Blood (Alderac)
    Marvel HeroClix: Critical Mass (WizKids)
    Pokémon: Dragon (Nintendo)
    Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dark Crisis (Upper Deck)
    WarCry: Dogs of War (Sabertooth)
    SD Gundam (Bandai)
    Battle T.A.G.S. World War II (TimeStream Games)

    January 2004
    Warlord: Southern Kingdoms (Alderac)
    MechWarrior: Counterassault (WizKids)
    Horus Heresy: Sedition's Gate (Sabertooth)
    Knights of the Zodiac (Bandai)

    February 2004
    Initial D: Racer's Edge (Alderac)
    Cyberpunk (Social Games)
    Magic: The Gathering: Darksteel (Wizards of the Coast)
    MLB SportsClix (WizKids)
    Star Trek: Necessary Evil (Decipher)
    Dragon Ball GT: Baby Saga (Score)
    WarCry: Path of Glory (Sabertooth)
    WWE Raw Deal: Divas Overload (Comic Images)
    Shadowfist: Seven Masters Versus The Underworld (Z-Man)

    March 2004
    Allegiance: War of Factions (Lucid Raven)
    Ophidian 2350: Rise of the Champions (Fleer)
    Duel Masters (Wizards of the Coast)
    Lord of the Rings, The: Siege of Gondor (Decipher)
    Warlord: Campaign (Alderac)

    April 2004
    Marvel CCG (Upper Deck)

    Early 2004
    CrossGen CCG (Fast Forward)
    Exalted (White Wolf)
    Guild Wars (EverQuest II) (Sabertooth)
    Vampire: Gehenna (White Wolf)
    Call of Cthulhu (Fantasy Flight)

    Jason Winter
    Krause Publications
    Associate Editor, Scrye
    Games Editor, Comics & Games Retailer
    (715) 445-4612, ext. 604

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