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Discussion in 'Casual Decks/Variants/Etc' started by galtwish, Jul 23, 2001.

  1. galtwish Loudmouth

    4 Thornscape Apprentice
    4 Llanowar Knight
    4 Benalish Trapper
    4 Blurred Mongoose
    4 Noble Panther
    2 Fleetfoot Panther
    3 Charging Troll
    3 Jade Leech
    4 Wax/Wane
    4 Armadillo Cloak
    4 Elfhame Palace
    9 Plains
    11 Forest

    4 Obsidian Acolyte
    4 Crimson Acolyte
    4 Sunscape Battlemage
    3 Wallop

    Fast beats, board control, lifegain, prot: Vindicate, Spite/Malice, Terminate, Rage, etc. GoMar is a tough (hence the SB), and Desolation Angel gets hers from Wallop. And it's only about $50 of cards, total. Voice of all is good, but there is too much B and R removal out there right now, making Voice overcosted.

    Hope this helps get the discussion off the "IBC is too expensive" kick"

  2. galtwish Loudmouth

    The other end of the spectrum...
    4 Shivan Zombie
    4 Phrexian Rager
    4 Ebony Treefolk
    4 Thornscape Battlemage
    4 Spirit Monger
    4 Scorching Lava
    4 Fire/Ice
    3 Reckless Spite
    4 Terminate
    1 Darigaaz Cavern
    3 Urborg Volcano
    3 Shivan Oasis
    5 Forest
    5 Mountian
    8 Swamp

    4 Slay
    4 Plague Spitter
    4 Tranquility
    3 Bog Down/Order-Chaos

    With an eye towards beating U/W/b decks. Reckless spite is highly underrated in a strong Prot: Red environment such as this (Galina's Knight, Lynx, Acolyte). G/R should be tough, but the SB of Slay and Spitter kills their 12 X/1 creatures and their 5/5s. W/G is the biggest threat, but nobody plays that, do they:p



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