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  1. zendahl gods little rage machine

    So Offline and I have been stuck on a ship for the last three months and we haven't played anyone of any level of skill except each other and so we're a little out of the loop on how a lot of theses cards from Legiens are being played everywhere else. We've been ordering cards on line when we could so that we could build compeditive type two decks. I built a zombie deck before all the graveborne identity stuff started and those decks just don't seem to see the potential they could have. Here is my deck list. let me know if the only reason it plays so well is because we aren't seeing how other cards are being used.

    Suicide Zombie

    Gem Palm Poluter x 4
    Withered Wretch x 4
    Festering goblin x 4
    Nantuko Husk x 4
    Shepard of Rot x 2Graveborn Muse x 2
    Zombie Canibal x 1
    Undead gladiator x 1

    Ensnaring Bridge x 2
    Zombie Infestation x 2

    Smother x 4
    Chainer's Edict x 4
    Misery Charm x 4Skeletal Scrying x 1
    Gravestorm x 1

    Unholy Grotto x 2
    Swamp x 18

    Side Board

    Duress x 4
    Ghastly Demise x 4
    Shepard of Rot x 2
    Ensnaring Bridge x 2
    Megrim x 2
    Unholy Grotto x 1

    It seems to work just as good as, and win more consistantly than any other deck we've been able to find or put together. It has an answer for just about everything, and it's fast. I wanted to take it to regionals this year, but we were not in a position to do that (Darn). What do you all think about it. I've seen decks that were close, but none as fast or as solid as this one.
  2. Shiro Time Devourer I have returned!

    I had a block version of this with Remains. It focused more on life loss and speed.
  3. zendahl gods little rage machine

  4. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I'd suggest losing the scrying for another gravestorm...

    What about engineered plague for goblins, elves, squirrels, birds, wizards, well... you get the picture...;)

    I'd drop the megrims though - you're just not running that much discard, and the main cycling deck is slide - but you can deal with them...

    Other than that - the deck looks solid...

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