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Discussion in 'Casual Decks/Variants/Etc' started by Quill, Mar 26, 2000.

  1. Quill New Member

    I want to build a deck something like this:

    4x Llanowar elf
    4x Heart Warden (or priest of titania?..help)
    4x Vine trellis
    4x Elvish Lyrist
    3x Rofellos Llanowar Emissary
    2x Eladamri, Lord of Leaves
    4x Killer Bees
    2x Rhox
    3x Elvish Piper
    4x Creeping Mold
    2x Force of Nature
    3x Giant Growth
    3x Rancor
    18 Forest
    I'm not too concerned with the deck being legal for a specific type because I'm trying to build it for my wife as a competitive fun deck, but which category would this deck fit into? I'll probably play it against friends too, so I'd like to hear any advice on making improvements. I have 2 Predator, Flagships that I'm thinking might go well with this deck, I'm also wondering if desert twister might be a good fit? Let me know guys :)

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  2. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    If your gonna be using the flagships or twisters I'd probably use the Priest's of Titania then for the extra mana excelleration.
    Also have you thought about tossing in a Kraklin or two? With all the mana you'll be generating they could be fun.
    Also I'm not sure about the pipers. You've got so much mana potential going here, you shouldn't have any problems casting things.
    Maybe switch them out for another Rhox if you have one and the kraklins I mentioned.

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  3. Quill New Member

    Thanks Ura..I was kind of thinking the piper would be better in a deck w/o so much mana acceleration. But the thing I'm thinking is they really help againt blue control since the creatures cannot be countered if you bring them out with piper. I'm thinking if I replace the giant growths and rancors with desert twister, fallow earth I could establish control and use pummped up killer bees, Rhox, or Force of nature for the kill. btw I only have 2 rhox, and no Krakilins. Thanks for the help..do you think this could be a control deck?
  4. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    Hmm, if your worried about counter control throw in a couple Scragnoths if you have them. They're great being the only card that can't be countered.
    I'd probably try and keep the Rancors just cause they can be so useful on any creature. They make the Llanowar elves something to be recconed with.
    Something else you could consider if your gonna try for a bit of control is Plow Under. It slows them down by getting rid of two lands and screws up they're next two draws cause guess where the land went. That could give the deck the extra needed time to dump the Force of Natures or Rhox and give the beatdown.
    but if you haven't got Scragnoths, then i would just build a makeshift sideboard and put the pipers in it. Youcuold use the piper slots for your twisters and if you come up against counter control, then you could just switch them back since twisters are normally to slow vrs. blue anyways.
    However since blue does need its land, having it counter plow unders is a possibility so you can get creatures through.
  5. Quill New Member

    Thanks for the advice..any idea what format this deck would fall under? Meaning Extended? Type 1? I'm only asking in case someone on apprentice wants to play a specific type.
  6. Duel Has Less Posts Than Spiderman

    Replace force of nature with a new green nasty, and the deck becomes t2. I'd put in killer bees as a mana sink.
  7. Quill New Member

    Killer Bees can be in a type 2 deck?
  8. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    From the looks of it right now the deck will be extended legal.
    Killer Bees aren't T2 legal as they were last printed in 5th ed.
    Though the suggestion to replace force of nature with a newer fattie is good. Maybe a Child of Gaea or something.
  9. Crackdown New Member

    With the mana output of the deck, I'd look at doing two things: including some desert twisters (incredibly helpful) and thinning the forests from the deck by using Yavimaya Elder and dropping the Pipers. You can use the Elder to thin the deck and later to draw a card and with Pattern of Rebirth, also get a creature. Newer green fatties could include Blastoderm (no blue stealing) and Rushwood Elemental.

    Also, think about using Exploration to further thin out the deck and get the big creatures out early.
  10. Apollo Bird Boy

    you only have 4 creatures in your deck that cost more to cast than the Piper itself does. If you have the mana to cast a Piper, you don't need its ability, so I say lose then, or put them in yous sideboard against blue.


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