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  1. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    I wasn't around for slivers, so I don't know much about them...Except that they are evil!...So please make me into a sliver...Thanks!
  2. Whimsical Adorable Sliver

    Miss Almindhra? I seem to be developing a reputation here in the CPA for making nutty cards...

    On with tradition!

    Chef of Yawgmoth
    Creature - Chef
    T: Sacrifice a creature you control to make a number of 1/1 Pie tokens equal to the creature's power. You may not use ability on a creature with power greater than Chef. At end of turn, if number of Pie tokens exceed toughness of Chef, bury Chef.

    "In the end, the Pies overwhelmed the chef because of one simple error on the chef's part...he made them fast baking."

    I'll work on your Legend version in the proper thread, mister Phyrexian Pie-eater sir! Miss Almindhra presents a problem though ... <starts racking brain> I'll give it my best shot!

    Sliver Onna
    Creature - Sliver
    All slivers gain this ability when Feminine Sliver comes into play, T: bury target Sliver with ugly art.

    "What THIS place needs is a feminine touch!"

    Onna on a side note is Japanese for female. ^_^

    Adorable Sliver
    Creature - Sliver
    All slivers gain this ability when Adorable Sliver comes into play, T: turn into a 0/1 token that must be blocked by all opposing creatures in combat.

    "Aaaaagh! Step on it, quick!"

    I reposted my card due to a serious booboo on my part ... forgetting that slivers should share abilities. I can give my brain a rest now ... <starts beating off the rackling eyeing her brain hungrily>


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