Hurricane Dorian (as well as all other hurricanes)


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Living in Florida, we have this wonderful six moths every year where the local weather people - I'm sorry, meteorologists - go absolutely crazy every time a tropical depression forms in the Atlantic. They automatically start running simulations of how it will turn into a category five storm that WILL KILL YOU. They make up their spaghetti charts and show how no matter what part of Florida you're in, it will be coming straight to your neighborhood. As a result, the locals go into maximum panic mode and clean out every grocery store in the area....then what happens? The storm's track changes and it either heads for the Carolinas or Louisiana/Alabama.

And yet, the local morons still keep trusting these idiots. I'll never understand people

(hopes and prayers to those in the path of Dorian)


Isengar Tussle
I thought I heard that Dorian was headed for Alabama.... I guess it tweeted a change in it's track...…


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North Carolina!!

Ferret: Just as a devil's advocate (since I don't live there myself and have no skin in the game), has there been times when either a hurricane hit Florida and the weather people either didn't call it or warn people enough and no one blamed them, or the forecast called for the hurricane to hit somewhere else but it switched its path at the last minute and ended up hitting Florida with no warning and people were okay with that?


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Actually, the weather folks down here predict that EVERY hurricane will hit us. They love the ratings...