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HOUTS doesn't understand the concept of a ballot



Wow, I love the list of people you can choose from.
No elitism displayed at all.
Why not just list all 'supposed' members?


Staff member
They're the nominees from the other thread... it's supposed to be a limited selection.

Kinda like how a real life ballot works :rolleyes:


Do we have to recount the florida votes on this one too?


"it's supposed to be a limited selection."

Also known as elistism; players brown-nosing and ass-kissing in voting one most unworthy of such title.

Oh, I understand.


But trolls are cute and cuddley and taste good with a little soy sauce.


Did you know that the CPA has a little chinese place around back? I go there all the time... great food.. Greasy as a greased pig, but still the best on the server.

Sad that I'm actually supporting it...


I want to point out the sweet irony, and complete idiocy, topped with hypocrisy, of your statements:

"Cry me a river"
Posts: 4,336

"Because any group without the troll is an elite group"
Posts: 226

"But trolls are cute and cuddley and taste good with a little soy sauce."
Posts: 3,003

Posts: 143

Wow, amazing. I've been here since the start, with the FEWEST posts. And, looking through all the forums, I am amazed at the amount of time spent, by you fellow "CPA"er's, on each. You have people playing each other, on-line, while, if not also, spending times on threads over create-a-word, create-storyline, create-a-life. I mean, honestly, think before you talk. You guys troll, over **** I say, more than I do over you. I could care less. Occasionally I'll pop in to throw my 2 cents on the floor, usually because I see something stupid/dumb/ignorant.
Why? Because I love watching my real-life-sims-MTG community grow, not blossom, and live life in ignorance.
It's fun.

CPA WINNER: Owning all on CPA.


Isengar Tussle
I love Chinese, the greasier the better.

Has the troll gone mute? I can see it, but I can't hear it..... :p


The Tentacled One
So, HOUTS, you're upset with use mean old elitists because we post too frequently?

Well, what have we here? I seem to have found something: it's a complete lack of sympathy!

You have 144 posts. But quantity aside, I think there's something to be said for quality. And your posts are (with a frequency that only seems to be increasing) banal and petulant. No one cares that you hate us or think you "own" us. You think we're ignorant, liberal, stupid hypocritical elitists? Yeah, it's too bad that you are compelled to continue hanging out with such fools. What a waste of your precious time...

I think the people who post "don't feed the troll" (you ARE a total troll here and if you aren't completely delusional, you realize that much) and the like really just hope you will shut up. Well, it clearly isn't working, so I won't follow suit. So troll, would you like something to eat? Here you go: you are an idiot.


I was just laughing at the previous posts when all of a sudden, one word jumped out at me.... Liberal? Me?

That is just downright funny.

As for HOUTS. Well, at times, he has very lucid well thought out posts, and very strong opinions and some well stated support for those opinions. As for anything else that comes up, obviously there is one of two goals that can be achieved by the "trolling" posts of his.

1. He is one of those people that get a big kick out of getting people upset over a bunch of words that appear on a computer screen. (I have seen several like that in various message boards and chatrooms. I usually laugh at them too!)

2. He is suffering from some kind of bad past experience, call it what you will, parents did not hug him enough, late-night sneaky uncle, whatever, and the only joy he gets from life is by attempting to make others seem less than himself.

I do not have enough psychology training to accurately deduce anything, and I could be way off, but I have often found that the best way to deal with this same type of behaviour, is to ignore it. It may seem a bit of a pain at first, but it will get easier, as the posts get less frequent due to the lack of effect the posts are having. The advantage that all of us here have is that we are using a computer, and no-one can see what actual reaction is gotten from any statement. Therefore, as long as most here can exert a bit of will-power (go punch a tree or something in real life if it will help! :D) trolls or their ilk can be dealt with fairly easily, expediently and sometimes it can be fun!

P.S. Banning does not work, nor would I suggest it. Usually the banned person will find another way to contribute (if you can call it that). Also, I have found HOUTS articles to be somewhat fun to read, as well as thought provoking.

If anything in this post is inaccurate, consider that I am just a restaurant server, and not Dr. Phil, Oprah, Donahu, or Hillary. I am a simple man with a few thousand Magic cards, and nothing better to do with my time then trade thoughts and ideas with those of a like mind. I enjoy this site, and will continue to enjoy it, no matter who/what tries to ruin it.

So, without further ado, I submit my submission, hoping a moderator will not omit my omissions!


Isengar Tussle
Well said DF. I find that short clever witty quips not only (hopefully) entertain us, but do not feed the troll.
But each his own.