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When accidentally clicking the Home link - it takes us to the normal CPA site. But when trying to get back to forums - you have to login all over again. Is this normal - maybe it couldn't be if so?

Ed Sullivan

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There's no reason for it to log out out when you click the home button - it shouldn't actually be able to. If you don't click to stay logged in, then you will be logged out after inactivity though.


The Wildcard!!!...
Got screenshots in a doc...

Go to CPA site in browser
Click on Community Forums
Sign In - but do not check "stay signed in"
Click on Home
Click on community forums
- It doesn't show me as logged in - but shows me under members online now - also no inbox, alerts, or sign on option
- Sign back in, and it shows me as logged in, with inbox, etc.

I looked to email it - but didn't see anything for attachments in the Contact Us link.


The Wildcard!!!...
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