Discussion in 'Suggestions/Help' started by Volradon, Oct 7, 2000.

  1. Volradon Kicking it oldschool

    Ed, do u think u could lock up some of the very original posts so that some people dont start responding to them cause they are kind of our history and should at least be kept in the order which they are now?
  2. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...why don't you answer?
  3. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Duke - are you this annoying in real life? :)

    Volradon - maybe.
  4. DÛke Memento Mori

    This annoying? No.
  5. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...How come I can't deleat my posts?

    [Edited by DÛke on October 8th, 2000 at 12:54 AM]
  6. DÛke Memento Mori


    [Edited by DÛke on October 8th, 2000 at 12:57 AM]
  7. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    DUke could never be a vampire. He would spend the entire time annoying the victim but never take his soul or blood or something.
  8. NeuroDeus Doctor Wundindlinyg


    ok nothing happened to me...

    some threads are really cool...and its cool keeping them to read them after waking up drunk.or something...

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