Highlander format Sengir deck

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  1. For anyone unfamiliar with Highlander, it's a format in which any card is allowed unless it was printed only in Portal, Portal Second Age, Portal Three Kingdoms, Starter, or Unglued, and all cards other than basic land are restricted to one copy. Also, the house rules where I play impose a minimum deck size of 75 cards.
    Creatures (28):
    1 Urborg Skeleton
    1 Vampire Bats
    1 Drudge Skeletons
    1 Ghost Hounds
    1 Nightscape Familiar
    1 Cemetery Gate
    1 Nettling Imp
    1 Sengir Bats
    1 Stalking Assassin
    1 Vampire Hounds
    1 Crovax, The Cursed
    1 Gravedigger
    1 Irini Sengir
    1 Lesser Werewolf
    1 Norritt
    1 Sengir Autocrat
    1 Tsabo's Assassin
    1 Black Carriage
    1 Grandmother Sengir
    1 Greater Werewolf
    1 Krovikan Vampire
    1 Ravenous Vampire
    1 Sengir Vampire
    1 Skyshroud Vampire
    1 Ihsan's Shade
    1 Shauku, Endbringer
    1 Veldrane of Sengir
    1 Baron Sengir

    Spells (22):
    1 Animate Dead
    1 Boiling Blood
    1 Brush With Death
    1 Bullwhip
    1 Culling the Weak
    1 Dance of the Dead
    1 Dark Ritual
    1 Diabolic Intent
    1 Diabolic Servitude
    1 Drain Life
    1 Drudge Spell
    1 Fatal Blow
    1 Gaze of Pain
    1 Imps' Taunt
    1 Invasion Plans
    1 Necromancy
    1 Planar Gate
    1 Reanimate
    1 Soul Feast
    1 Tortured Existence
    1 Triangle of War
    1 Victimize

    Lands (25):
    1 Arena
    1 Salt Marsh
    1 Castle Sengir
    1 Gemstone Mine
    1 Dwarven Ruins
    20 Swamp

    I was forced to use some cards that aren't optimal in the interest of the theme. For instance, Castle Sengir HAS to go into a Sengir theme deck, and according to the Homelands story, it was built overlooking a salt marsh, directly above a subterranean dwarven city which crumbled into ruins after the Baron killed its inhabitants. The city's location was chosen for its proximity to a gemstone mine, and contains a planar gate through which the Baron plans on leading an invasion when the time is right. Castle Sengir is guarded by skeletons and zombies, and inhabited by werewolves and other foul beasts (possibly including imps).

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