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  1. Sleepy Narcoleptic CPA Member

    hi i'm sleepy

    what are all those icon things for?
  2. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Tag Guard
    Hi i'm Nodnarb24, aka The Rat King.
  3. Apollo Bird Boy


    Icon things? You mean when you start a thread? You just pick one, and it appears next to the thread. It doesn't really matter, it's just another cool thing on this site.

    Speaking of cool things, you see those little orange nickname thingies under people's names (Bird Boy, for me)? Well, if you want one, just personal message Zadok001 and tell him whatcha want. And now that I've stolen his little speech, he'll have to think of something original to say! [WATCH me prove you wrong! :) --Zadok001]

    Hey Zadok! Niener, niener, neiner!

    [/begin{nickname speech}
    Ok, here's the deal. I'm your friendly neighborhood nickname guy. :) See those neat-o little orange nicknames people have under their names? If you Private Message me (see the button at the bottom of this post with 'PM' on it?) with a request for a specific one, I'll give it to ya'. :)
    /end{nickname speech}]

    [HA! --Zadok001]

  4. nanokill Veteran CPA Member<BR><FONT co

    welcome to CPA
    let me try to be first to welcome u

    the icons with the smily faces are just message postings
    the icons at the bottom of your post are your profile, search, personal messages, edit button, and quote button.
    well have fun, keep posting, keep updated

    by the way do u have apprentice, if not u can download from it http://www.dragonstudios.com , it is an online magic gaming module

    Ciao for now

    [Edited by nanokill on August 22nd, 2000 at 08:56 PM]
  5. Phyrexian Pie-Eater Veteran CPA Member<BR><FONT co

    ::pulls up in the Welcome Stationwagon with pies::

    First things first. Welcome to the CPA. We are pretty much good people, but cross me on the battle posts and I'll turn these pies against you.

    Second, you will eventually want a little red nickname. In order to get one you just have to ask. I forget the guy's name(some1 help me out here?), but you send him a private message and he will give you the name you request.

    Have pie and fun. Peace.
  6. Sleepy Narcoleptic CPA Member

    how do i find that zodak guy? i want mine to be "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

    i like pie. thanks again
  7. Erbrich New Member

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy being a part of the CPA.

  8. Whimsical Adorable Sliver

    Welcome to the asylum!

    And it's Zadok you're looking for, Mister Sleepy. Zodak sounds like some mutant photo-developing shop...

    By the bye ... what happened to Dopey and the rest of the horizontally-challenged miners? ^_^

  9. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    :) Hiya! Let's see... At the time of this posting, I have thoroughly edited Apollo's post, PMed you, and edited one other post in this thread for typos... :) Wheee!

    Needless to say, I'm Zadok001, the one who is so often referred to as "Nickname guy." If you want a nickname, check your Private Messages (main forum page, WAY at the bottom), or just PM me from here by clicking the little button at the base of this post with 'PM' on it. :)
  10. DÛke Memento Mori

    This site will keep ya up!
  11. theorgg Slob

  12. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    hey sleepy! Welcome!
  13. Apollo Bird Boy

    Ooh, you're a tricky one, Zadok.
  14. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    hey sup sleepy, we have many psychos here, and a few cannibals. :D and moi the psycho pyro who loves fire. AAHHH FIRE HOW I LOVE YOU. OW THAT's HOT.
  15. Sleepy Narcoleptic CPA Member

    zadok, sorry about mispelling your name. as you may have noticed sometimesi dont spell too good. ill try to work on that. theorgg im onlien at work so i dont think i can do the apprintice thing, though i appeciete it.the rest of the gang shuld be along anytime now whimsicle asnd i think dopeys alredy here. thanks
  16. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

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