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    Hey. Right now it is 2:59 AM. I am at Ryan's house. We will not go to bed. You cannot stop us. Tomorrow we will still be awake. And it will be a Monday. And no, I have not done my homework. I was stopped by a cop yesterday. I just watched Fight Club. I want to beat someone's ass. I really hope some burgular comes so we can beat him up. Please, come rob us. I want to kick your ass.
  2. TylersOnFire Ouch...

    uh ok jeff i will do that
  3. garfobosonfire New Member

    Dude, when Casey Nick and me got done watching fight club. We all wanted to kik someone's ass!! So Casey runs at Nick, and Nick just throws Casey on the ground. It was funny!!
  4. TylersOnFire Ouch...

  5. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Hey, Tyler: You can rant at me, I can rant at you. I believe the character in the Matrix is named Cypher, not Sypher. It makes more sense...


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