HEY ED, Nickname please

Discussion in 'Suggestions/Help' started by ChasDen, Feb 29, 2000.

  1. ChasDen Moderator

    Considering my state of mind lately I have decided on:

    Sleepless In OH

    Hey thats 15, do I get extra points for using all my letters?

  2. arhar Member

    Um Ed.... Could I get a nickname too?


    "Cyclopean Pharaoh" would be great :)
  3. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Chuck - Done. Now, to go reply to that email. :)

    Arhar - you're way over the 15 character limit.

  4. While you're at it, I'll take one too.

    How about "Wumpus Thrasher"?
  5. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    I took a while to think about it. Shame I couldn`t come up with anytihng better than:
    "Beatdown Artist" really...
  6. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Mr_Pestilence - sorry about not getting you the nick sooner. I never even knew you requested one.

    Gizmo - there ya go.

  7. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Thanks, thouhg this one is somewhat uninspired so I`ll probably be back in a month or two with a really good one.
  8. The Rock New Member

    The Rock humbly asks The Powers That Be to grant him the title he has worked hard to achieve:
    "People`s Champ"
    The Rock thanks you for your attention.
  9. theorgg Slob

    No, I can't.

    what is it? a brain you took out of the trash and put in a blender?

    you havn't used a brain so far, so you don't need it.

    :::::::::::::::CENCORED FOR CONTENT::::::::::::

    sorry about that chuck. I just don't like that wrestler that tells everyone he meets to take an object that is usually cylendrical(as a pole or boot would be), turn it sideways, and shove it up thier sweet @$$.

    I apologise for breakin' a the code.
    <font size="2" color="#FF6000">* theorgg humbled</font>

    [Edited by theorgg (03-24-2000 at 04:10 PM).]
  10. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member&lt;BR&gt;&lt;font co

    I would still like to be the "CPA Underling". Thanks
  11. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Let 'em go, Orgg. All things being equal, he has the right to the same ideas and ideals as the rest of us. Should he choose to emulate the Rock (my personal comments about the Rock's intelligence/charisma set aside for the moment), that would be his own choice.

    It's not our business.

    _However_! Please speak in first person. Seriously. Third person is rather annoying, difficult to read, and, chances are, we'll ignore it. So you won't get many points across if we ignore your posts.

    "A humble request."
  12. ChasDen Moderator

    Hello all,

    As many of you know I am a very opinionated person who actively speaks his mind. That being said and not knowing what led up to the above, I must ask that we try to abide by the “terms of service” of the provider and follow some common sense and respect. Most of us are avid contributors to many online forums and I respectfully ask that this site follow “standard” rules of educate.

    Please note: All services may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of any United States Federal, State or City law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, material we judge to be threatening, obscene, demeaning to others, or material protected by trade secret and other statute. Pornography and sex-related merchandising are prohibited on all servers. This includes sites that may infer sexual content, or link to adult content elsewhere. This is also true for sites that promote any illegal activity or content that may be damaging to our servers or any other server on the Internet. Links to such materials are also prohibited.

    Lets try to keep it on track

  13. galtwish Loudmouth

    Nickname? Can I get

    I find it appropriate, for some esoteric reason...

  14. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    All nickname wishes: Granted.
  15. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member&lt;BR&gt;&lt;font co

  16. Ura Feline Lord of the Pit

    Hey Ed.
    Can I have the nick name
    Munchkin Slayer
  17. galtwish Loudmouth

    Thank you Zadok001

  18. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    <font size="2" color="#FF6000">* Chaos Turtle stares deliriously at the awesome power of Zadok</font>

    Zadok does not require the Weirding Device...
  19. Spaceman Spiff New Member

    Hey Ed I really like the name "Spiffy Guy"
    I request to get that nick name = )

    Spaceman Spiff, The one thats not from Calvin And Hobbes
  20. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Mike, i have found nickname. it is "Lurker" cool?

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