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    There's a really good player in our group...really good. I'm not too shabby but the win ration with this guy is something like 3:7. So before one of our game sessions I prepared a little something for him. Here's the text of my card (I wrote it on a Post-It! note and had a little stick figure angryly pointed to another whom had X'd eyes as the picture)

    We all had a good laugh over this one..
  2. 13NoVa The Ruins That We Hold

    the local tournament here had a little game for fun where you could play ANY card with a magic backing.... so i glued FULLSIZED looseleaf paper to cards and this is what i did...

    Soly Wins (soly is my nickname)
    CC: 0
    Color: gold
    Speed: Instant
    Whenever this spell is Targeted, put a copy of this spell on the stack that reads EXACTLY the same way.

    You may Put a 10/10 creature token into play. this creature is EVERY type of creature exept legend and Wall. this creature has Flanking, Rampage 2, Flying, First strike, Double Strike, trample, Banding, Provoke, and haste.
    you may sacrafice this creature to do 20 damage to target creature or player.
    When this token is taken off the field of play for ANY reasons, put X tokens of the same type, with the same abilities into play, where X is 2 times the number of magic cards in the room.

    when Soly wins is played, target player looses his/her whole hand, library, and graveyard.

    when Soly Wins is played, you may search your library for any amount of any type of card, and play that card. all creatures played this way are unefected by summoning sickness.

    When Soly wins is played, target player looses 20 life.
    When soly wins is played, Target player cannot play spells or abilities, may not attack, and may not move for the remander of the game.

    pay 0: search your library for THIS and put it into your hand. do this only if THIS is in your library.

    you may pay 1 life, if you do, search your library for ANY card and put it into play. if you do, gain two life.

    If soly wins is somehow put in the graveyard or removed from the game, you may put 2 copies of this into play.

    guess what! I WIN FOTHER MUCKER

    (then, in referance to Fyndhorn elves and llanowar elves, As well as elvish and druid lyrist, i made 4 of Soly wins, and i also changed the name, but NOTHING else.)

    the other names

    Soly wins AGAIN
    Soly takes a swim (TIM takes a swim)
    soly goes flying (tim goes flying)
    Soly CANT loose
    Soly is Yoda's guru
    yoda's guru is Soly
    Jedi Mind tricks

    the owner didnt like the deck, but he DID say ANY card with magic backing, and mine did. i won of course, with the most original design for a deck.
  3. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    would your winning friend be interested in a shadow game on this site?

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