Helping the CPA



After some thought about things, I think I know how to best help the CPA.

It has to do with the Have Fun comics being daily now.

You see, contests, mass number appeals, and plain pandering won't get us better. Sure, they may get more numbers, but numbers can be evil (See: and we want quality.

In the old days of the Dojo, people just plain wrote. They wrote, and they read, and they came. It wasn't about flashy panders, kewl loot contests, or getting as many readers as possible (I'm talking Kusumoto's Dojo, not the crap Psylum one). It was about quality in content and actually caring, which drew people who cared about the same.

So for that reason, I am declaring that I will help the CPA by writing as much as I can for the CPA. If people come to CPA because they like the content, AWESOME! If they don't like the CPA, we don't need their digit pump.

Anybody else up for just plain writing?


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More writers are always welcome.... sadly though, we haven't really gotten any "new" members who might be willing to write. I've had old ones say they'd write, but nothing came of it. Maybe this time will be different...


Actually I will be continuing my Enchant Rants shortly... and then starting:

"The Depot"...

Basically it will be train rant sessions... And as Long as WOTC has Blue - I have plenty!...


>> Maybe this time will be different...

I certainly hope so. An interesting historical note: Quard is known as the most famous and best online MTG humor writer ever. And he started out and gained popularity on, a site that is now dead and was a steaming pile of crap (and CPA is much better than it). Crap Rares, that awesome comic that sort of puttered out recently, started on 7Towers, which was also poo (and again, CPA is better than that).

We get recognized by Star City from time to time, which speaks of how well we actually are.

Just mind food for y'all who think your stuff isn't read here, and never will get you anywhere. Who knows, you could be the next Quard or Justin Stewart. Or hell, since we're better than where they started, you could be the next Anthony Alongi or Randy Buehler...etc...etc...

Just try, folks.

>> Actually I will be continuing my Enchant Rants shortly... and then starting: "The Depot"...

I can't wait to see it. ;)


Good old VaultMag. If only I found The Dojo back then instead...

I might actually try writing something in the next few weeks. (There I go, setting an undefined deadline so I can procrastinate...) Send someone to my house to beat me senseless if I don't at least try writing something this summer.

I started writing something last summer, but by the second paragraph it had spiraled into a hideous monster that was beyond all hope, so I ran away in an attempt to save my life and sanity.


>> (There I go, setting an undefined deadline so I can procrastinate...)

Understood. I suffer from that, myself. However, when its for a good cause (and isn't the CPA a good cause?) then I get off my butt and do stuff.

Its just that January through July was a real bad time for me. But I am back and rip-roaring to go! :D

Spidey, is there a way to be a volunteer editor/spokesperson for this site? If so, I'd like to apply. :D :D :D