Help me find a use for Cloud Cover

Discussion in 'Single Card Strategies' started by Reverend Love, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. Reverend Love New Member

    Cloud Cover:

    I've wracked my brain trying to find a good use for this card.

    The only thing I can come up with is bouncing creatures with comes into play effects.

    Anyone else put this card to good use?
  2. Rooser Thread Necromancer

    Well there's no real way to use this card, because it relies on your opponent casting things at your stuff.

    Still, It'd work well with CIP creatures no doubt, and blue's got some good ones.

    I'd just go with white-blue CIP stompy. You can use this as just a cheesy defense card, and use Arctic Merfolk, Silver Drake, and Wormfang Drake to help yourself recur your CIP effects on your own. Then you can roll around with Man-o-war and Raven Familiar and see what happens. Maybe go with Sawtooth Loon and Venerable Monk? Have fun with it. It won't be broken, but it'll be cool.
  3. train The Wildcard!!!...

    It also works well with "leaves-play" abilities...

    It could work really well with cumulative upkeep cards... Ancestral knowledge to be precise...;)

    "That deck's looking mighty thin there Timmy... and it's only your first turn, first main phase...";)
  4. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    Use it with Standard Bearer, it gives you a soft protection-lock for your creatures. Meddling Mage is rather annoying as well (think Wrath of God).

    Opalescence allows the Cloud Cover (along with other enchantments) to protect themselves - but makes you even more vulnerable to WoG effects.

    Beyond that, just think about what creatures you play that your opponent(s) usually target the second they hit the table - then play those :D
  5. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Like the soldier of fortune!...:p
  6. Homestar Who invited this guy?

    Well, i actually thought that was a fairly good "sideboard card. i mean, i dont think you can base it around any strategies or anything. the upside to it is that practically none of ur monsters will die bsides combat but the down, is that if you play the monsters again they'll have summoning sickness.


  7. Reverend Love New Member

    I think you've got it with Flagbearer Mikey. Time to scurry off into the lab and see what I can come up with.
  8. Rooser Thread Necromancer

    Good call with the flagbearer, mikey. However, you're wrong about opalesence. Cloudcover doesn't protect creatures, it protects "all other permanents you control." Opalesence wouldn't do anything.
  9. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Opalescence would make the cover a 4/4 beat-stick!...;)
  10. Reverend Love New Member

    Pony'ing off Mikey's suggestion of using Apocolypse's Flagbearers, a quick search of Magic Database pops up with:

    Coalition Honor Guard
    Standard Bearer

    I think eight creature's with the built in Flagbearer ability is good enough. So that leaves us with:

    4 Cloudcover
    4 Standard Bearer
    4 Coalition Honor Guard

    Now I was wondering. If I were to caste Cultural Exchange targetting an opponents creatures, then target mine, then in response bouncing my creatures. I'm thinking the spell would fizzel because at the time of casting not all the requirments are there...hopefully someone can vouch for this or not.

    Some of the creatures I'm thinking of are:

    Meddling Mage (Mikey's my un-offical Muse)
    True Believer
    Temporal Adept
    Brine Seer
    Patron Wizard
    Fountain Watch (Protect the Cloudcover)
    Riptide Director (go for a Wizard Tribal deck)

    Maybe with a Worship added for kicks...heck we could even make an enchantment deck? Using Opalescence.

    Johnny-5 needs input!
  11. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Might as well throw in green for sterling grove, and mystic snakes...;)

    Meddling mages wouldn't hurt...;)
  12. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    Geez, it's better than I remember. I thought it only worked for creatures...Huzzah!

    The deck looks like its coming together, but now you need a way to kill. I'd consider splashing black for the following reasons:

    Death Match. Think about it, they play a creature, targeting something of yours - you bounce back your critter in response. Next turn you replay your critter giving something of theirs -3/-3. Brutally annoying, and you've got built-in backup with your Wizard countering.

    Also, you are going with the wizard sub-theme. That gives you access to Shadowmage Infiltrator, Mundungu, Coffin Queen, Stormscape/Nightscape Battlemages, Stormscape Master (underrated), and more.
  13. Rooser Thread Necromancer

    Well, the opalessence idea might have been a misfire, but go with it, combo this with worship and some other enchantments and you might have yourself a wacky beatdown force.

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