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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Griffith_se, Jan 11, 2001.

  1. Griffith_se Queen of the Sub-Optimal

    I'm want to purchase one of these games.
    Which one is best?

    Baldor's(sp?) Gate II
    Diablo II
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I haven't played any of them but playing Baldur's Gate I, I'd say go for Baldur's Gate II :)

    Seriously though, it probably depends on what your looking for. If you want to explore an online world and interact with other people, I think Everquest is the way to go. Baldur's Gate II is more single-player (though it should have online multiplayer). Diablo II seems in between.

    But as I said, I've haven't played any of them so those are my impressions from reading about them. Maybe someone else can actually give you a first-hand opinion on them.
  3. Aku Necromancer Headlights off

    I own both Diablo II, and Baldurs Gate II, I highly suggest Baldurs Gate II. Alot of my friends are loyal Everquest fans, so that could also be a possibility
  4. Riva Iron-Grip da Kandy Man

    dude, there is no contest. everquest makes you pay for online play. there is no off line deal. d2 is excellent in both, offline, and online. baulders gate just kicks ass. it would have to be d2 or bg2
  5. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Everquest is a great game simply for the social aspect. :) Pretty decent graphics too, but you have to play it enough to make the monthly fee worth it.

    I find Diablo II horribly one dimensional and boring. It's not an RPG, it's an adventure game.

    Personally, I believe there is no contest to BGII. Excellent game play, 100% non-linear, well developed characters. I could go on, but I'm a little biased. :)
  6. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    God I am so glad someone else thinks Diablo is boring.

    Anyhow, go for Baldur's Gate II. I am.
  7. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    I did like the first one... but I was younger and more naive then :)
  8. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    Not to mention the fact the one will most likely burn in hell for playing that game... but I suppose that's of little concern to most Magic players anyhow.

    (yes i am kidding)
  9. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Because I went and bought the original Diablo for my wife to give me for Christmas this year, and I've been playing it nightly ever since. It's true it's not much of an RPG-type game, but it's still fun and it's a nice change of pace from WarCraft.

    Looks like it's Hell for me. Oh well. ;)

    I haven't played D2 yet, but from what I hear most people who do play it like it a lot. I haven't played my Ultima Online II yet either, since my cable company still isn't offering cable Internet service. You need a really high speed connection to play games like that (including EQ), so unless you have a true connection speed better than 56k don't even try to play EQ.

    I've heard nothing but good things about BG2, but AFAIK there's no online play option currently available for that, so really it depends on what it is you're looking for Griffith.
  10. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    I hear really good things about BG2 (haven't played it though), Diablo 2 is just plain awsome, and don't buy everquest unless you want to shell out $10 a month (with over 60,000 subscribers, they are making over $600,000 a month **cough** ripoff **cough**).
  11. arhar Member

    Baldur's Gate 2!!!!!

    It's a game that took my social life, and threw it away, laughing.

    It's THE best RPG I ever played since 1989.

    Everything about this game is so awesome, there are no words to describe it.

    Just get it and you'll see what I'm talking about :)

    On the other hand, if you're looking for an action game with outdated graphics, nonexistent storyline and where 99% of what's happening in the game is clicking of the mouse as fast as possible... get Diablo 2.

    I don't know anything about Everquest, except for you have to pay for playing it per month :)
  12. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Obviously you don't know how many servers and how much bandwidth they use. :D

    And BGII does have a multiplayers option. I haven't used it, but I presume it's just like BGI's -- same story except each player on controls some characters.
  13. TomB Administrative Assistant

    I just got Icewind Dale as a belated (sort of) birthday gift and found that it too, has an online play option available. I'm sort of in the middle of installing the game right now (I got online to set up the M-Player thing), so I can't really tell you how it plays yet, but I'll be checking it out soon and I'll try to let you know what I think of it once I figure everything out. ;)

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