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  1. cbearsbro Nightwing

    Hi, all. I'm a newbie here and in Magic. Just started playing in November. I'm totally addicted and so is my girlfriend... Anyone asks, it's all her fault :) Who'da thunk a "starter" set could cause this much mayhem? So far, I've been trying to buy "sets" so we can see what is in what expansion. Man, are there some really cool cards out there. I've mostly got Invasion cards. I like em the best so far. Although the Mirage set I just bought is really kewl too =)

    I really enjoy reading posts, thought, and learning all the magic rules. So far, I've only played pre-constructed decks to see what I like and don't like. Reading the articles and posts about deckbuilding, I only have one "complaint", well two :) 1) I have no idea what some of these cards are that people are talking about. I look em up, of course. But actually HAVING them is another thing ;)Apparently some of the "good" cards are expensive as heck =O 2)Some of the decks, what's the fun? KILL BURN DESTROY EVERYTHING IN SIGHT.. yada yada.. 3 turns it's over. Guess I'm just not that obsessed with winning :)

    Which brings me here. If anyone is a "casual" player, it's me. So, hope to be posting and talking to y'all soon. Oops.. back to work :)

  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant


    Don't worry about the card thing; I've been playing for 5 years and I still don't know some of the cards (new AND old) and have to look them up.
  3. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...and you sound like a nice person to have around...so welcome, in deed. :)

    I hope he's a real new member...most new members are reregistered members...believe me...it's been long since a "real" member has joined.

    See ya on the boards man! :)
  4. cbearsbro Nightwing

    Nope, I'm not reregistering. I'm brand spankin new. I've actually seen this sight before, just couldn't log onto the membership board for some reason. Does this sight have a habit of bouncing people? I've seen that comment over on the MTGnews boards before.

    Here's a question: Any particular forum for general deckbuilding questions? Lord knows I have a few :)
  5. Daggertooth The Rune Master

    There was a forum on deckbuilding on mtgnews.com a while ago. I don't know if its still there, but was helpful. I had a very long title name and was in the Deck Advice Category. If it's there you can't miss it.

    Welcome aboard.

  6. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I haven't heard that comment from people... can you post more details or ask them to come over and say what happened?

    As for deck suggestions, jump to Casual Decks/Variants/Etc and post there... if it's not actually about a deck, one of the administrators will move it to the appropriate forum.
  7. cbearsbro Nightwing

    By "bouncing" I mean booting them off so that they had to keep re-registering. There was apparently something with the setup that would randomly boot members off so they'd have to re-register. Sometimes under different name because it would no longer accept the old one. Weird, huh? :\ I haven't seen recent complaints about it. But I did see some threads on it when I first signed on to the mtgnews boards. Heck, for the longest time I couldn't even register. Gave me a temporary password and then told me it wasn't valid :( But now, I'm on both boards =)
  8. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    You mean the mtgnews boards bounced people (I think)... I don't think the CPA has that problem here.
  9. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Welcome. I'm Nodnarb24, the rat king. I used to be one of the crazier people but their are some very crazy people out there. **cough** ransac **cough** fuzzy510 **cough**

    Whats wrong with KILLING BURNING AND DESTROYING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT:D? It's so much fun to burn people with red burn. It is also very fun to run people down with green stompy.
  10. fuzzy510 I Don't REALLY Exist

    Oh, hi. I'm one of the crazies. Nice to meet you. Here's the "Theft of Nickname Speech Speech":

    /begin{theft of nickname speech speech}
    /begin{nickname speech}
    Ok, here's the deal. I'm your friendly neighborhood nickname guy. :) See those neat-o little orange nicknames people have under their names? If you Private Message me (see the button at the bottom of this post with 'PM' on it?) with a request for a specific one, I'll give it to ya'. :)
    /end{nickname speech}

    Finally! I have stolen the nickname speech! FWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    BTW, PM Zadok001. He'll probably put a note here how he's pissed that I stole the speech.

    BTW again, hi.
    /end{theft of nickname speech speech}

    Where was I? Oh yeah! Hi!
  11. K9Archmage He Might Be Giants

    Why hello... I... am... god... I... am... strife... I... am... not... housebroken!


  12. cbearsbro Nightwing

    Hello to everyone who's replied. Friendly place. Think I'll like it here =)

    nodnarb24: Don't get me wrong, I like a red burn spell as well as anyone. I just don't think wiping out the poor opponent in 3 turns is any fun. Like to play with em a bit first ;P.

    Say.... how're people puttin the kewl icons in the message text? I figured out the smiley =) but what bout the grinning and the rest? Do they show up automatically if you put in the appropriate symbols? Any keys around here somewhere?
  13. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    Here are the links to some stuff you might want to know:

    You can also find these links at the bottom of the page with other useful info.
  14. Apollo Bird Boy

    Yep--Nodnarb has it. Anyway, welcome. You'll find a lot less of those boring 3 turn burn decks here. People here have minds too deranged to come up with something that focused.
  15. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Hi, I'm your resident crazy person. You might recognize me from my several appearances on COPS as the crazy guy that eats other people's marshmallows. But, all that aside, you better be warned of my fiendish plots. Actually, they're not fiendish. I just walk around doing stupid stuff.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  16. Daggertooth The Rune Master

    I have a deck that can kill on turn 3. It's the best setup I could think of. Not that it would do any good in a real tournie :( I'll brag about it anyway.

    turn 1: Swamp, Dark Ritual, Dark Ritual, Hidden Horror, Discard Sliver Queen, Animate Dead Sliver Queen.
    turn 2: Attack for 10.
    turn 3: Attack for 10.

    third turn kill. yea. and it only need a combination of 6 cards in the oppening hand. Now thats what i call Focused:)

  17. Gerode Becoming a Lurker Again

    I'm another crazy person! :D Welcome to the CPA!
    Don't let anybody here scare you; only a few of us have actually escaped from our mental institutions yet.

    You look rather normal, so will you help me get this straight jacket off?
  18. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Hiya! :)

    I'm the previously mentioned Zadok001 (see the nickname speech), and I'm also Nameless on MtgNews. Don't worry, I'm nicer here than I am over there for some reason... I also go by Nivelimac and SiaSL, for the record. I've seen you wandering through the rulings forum quite a bit, welcome to the CPA!

    Have fun!
  19. Hawaiian mage CPA symbiod

    Welcome... if you dare? Well, I must say that your welcome! Right, now then yes quite. No? No. Right.

    -Hawaiian "come away from me!" mage
  20. cbearsbro Nightwing

    Ah. So you're "he who shall remain nameless" :) Yep, I tend to ask a lot of basic and some odd questions. Dats just the way I am sometimes ;)

    Hmmmm.... nicknames huh. I may just take y'all up on that one. Or just swipe one from a comic character :p Geeezzz, btwn comics and MTG, excess income has become a thing of the past :)

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