so, well, it's me. hi everyone. as my profile already states, i'm 20 years old and live in germany. i started playing magic when a friend of mine bought portal 1, soon after i got myself the fifth edition beginner pack and a starter pack each of mirage, tempest and urza's saga. that was back in 99, when i was 12.

i stopped playing after the invasion block because all my friends had stopped and i had no one to play against (i got like 3 boosters from oddysse before quitting). after discovering mtg.com i read a lot about mirrodin block later and convinced my friends to think about the game again by the time kamigawa hit. we didn't want to spend to much money though so a friend of mine programmed a little tool that had a card database and could give you random boosters and starters. we then created a league where everyone got 2 booster of his choice every week, built decks from that and played one opponent per week. we used proxies to play the matches ^^

when ravnica came, most of the guys were tired of proxy-magic and we decided to return to the real thing - so i'm back to my favourite game now.

i'm definately a casual player, i don't invest too much money into it and i love to buy boosters (as opposed to singles) to do 2 or 3 person drafts before i get the cards in my collection. i entered FNM once (few weeks ago) and actually wonthe damn thing (triple future sight draft is a wierd format). i like the shiny wonder card a lot, but i wont attend to often, since 9 € is stil a lot of money.

anyway, glad to be here. casual magic ftw!


Hi! Welcome on board.

I too didn't play for a long time. Right before Urza Block I moved to another city and didn't play for a couple of years. Than I met some people we also used to play and we got back into it (around Onslaught block I think).

I prefer buying singles instead of boosterpacks; I want my playset of craprares and I want them now! :D


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Your friend wrote a program? There's a couple of stuff out on the Net... Magic Suitcase comes to mind... or Apprentice if you just want Starters or boosters... but kudos on writing his own.


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Welcome, Welcome..... Please ignore Ransac's rantings and KJ's politics.... :D
If you would like to join or start a game , we have many to choose from. Or post a deck, or write an article, or just add to the volume of this site.....
Once again welcome


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