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    I prob'ly should have clarified that... I like Dragonlance, but Mercedes Lackey is not an author for them. She writes fantasy, but of a different sort.
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    I just finished Goblet of Fire over the weekend (pretty much in one sitting because my wife wanted to talk about it) and MAN, am I pumped for the next book!


    Things are finally happening! Voldemort is finally back in power and ready to do some damage! Woo-hoo!
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    I just finished reading the goble of fire as well, and allthough it was a good book, it diferentiated too much from the other books in the way that voldemort did not get defeated in the end, and the death of diggory.

    In the other books, the ending was like a conclusion, you really didnt need to read the books in order to understand it. In the goblet of fire, she sets it up for a sequel.

    It was just annoying and seemed that she did the first 3 because she wanted to write, and is now milking for money.

    And diggory's death came unexpectedly (from a harry potter book.) it was like "Boom, hes dead. oh no, who cares". Theres nothing wrong to deliver a death that way, its was just not like harry potter.

    I am gonna read the next one, but i can wait ;)
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    I agree that it ended so that a sequel was more obvious, but really, in the previous books, Voldemort wasn't really defeated, just his plots (and actually, the third book only touched Voldemort in a distant way, but that set up for the fourth book because of Madame Trevilant (?)'s prediction that Voldemort will rise again stronger).

    Diggory's death was sudden, but how else are you going to defend from the death curse? :))) I did miss the Quidditch match descriptions and it was too bad that Crouch's son neutralized most of the maze obstacles for Harry; I wanted to see more of that puzzle-solving.

    Anyway, to reiterate, I thought it was great and can't wait for the next book! Questions my wife and I have:

    What's Snape's task? (we think it might be getting the Dementors out of Azkaban)

    Why did Dumbledore "smile faintly in triumph" when he heard Harry's description of how Voldemort returned to power?

    Who is going to be Harry's love interest? Cho or Ginny? (Although Ginny hasn't really been mentioned from the second book)

    Will Hagrid and Madame Maxine succeed in getting the giants over to the "good side"? (probably, but probably after doing a task, with or without Harry's help).
  5. SwingMage New Member

    Yeah, but it would be nice to have him, how to say, not die? ;)

    I would think it would be Ginny, as Cho doesnt seem to have much interest in harry. Also having harry and cho get together after diggory's death, would seem rather, err, wrong?
    I am also interested how Dumbledore is gonna fight voldemort and if the ministry is going to do something.
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    I think it might be Cho, it looked like she liked Harry in the third book but in the fourth, he was just too slow in asking her to the dance, so Cedric got her. I think it's obvious Ron and Hermione are going to get together eventually (but you never know, with Rowling's knack for twisted plots...)

    Of course it would have been nice not to have Cedric die, but I think that was the intended effect of Voldemort's return; he's back, bad, and already killing people. It's the dramatic effect ;)

    We're also waiting to see if and how Dumbledore is going to fight Voldemort, but I think officially the Ministry isn't going to do squat, thanks to Fudge's attitude. However, I'm sure there'll be behind-the-scenes stuff as Dumbledore has connections (like the Weasleys).

    I'm also wondering why Voldemort went after Harry's parent's in the first place. It never was explicitly said... my wife thinks it's because they were powerful or getting to be powerful wizards, but I'm sure there were plenty of those... like why weren't are the specialists in the Defense Against Dark Arts killed, like Lupin and "the old crowd" that Dumbledore refers to in giving Sirius his task? I hope that question is answered sometime.
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    I think he went after the parents because they were strong, and they were very much against the Dark Arts, and they were a threat to Voldemort.

    I think Ginny and Harry ought to get together. It would be cute.

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