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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Doombringer, Sep 12, 2004.

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    This is, sorry, advertising, but dearly needed advertising. halo PC players can now download, for free, the Halo Custom Edition, A multiplayer version of Halo PC where you can play maps made by other players! These maps can be made with the Halo Editing Kit, also free. All that is needed to download CE is your Halo PC product key.

    The reason that I am writing this advertising is because not enough people play Halo CE, due to it only being advertised by word of mouth. I personally found out about CE from being told about it by someone during a regular halo game. once I tried CE, I only went back to the old version once, to tell other people about it.

    You can download halo CE at the Gearbox software forums, I'll post a direct link to the thread with all the places to download it right here: http://gbxforums.gearboxsoftware.co...age=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=93&fpart=1#209149

    Once you have downloaded CE, the next thing you must do is download maps. Now, because the single player campaign has been taken out of CE, you can have up to roughly 50 maps, and CE will still take up less space that the regular version!
    A good place to download CE maps and learn more about CE is http://www.halo-world.net/ , the place where I get most of my maps. Maps are downloaded in their zipped up state as either a .zip or.rar file, and I think you need winrar to make them into playable files. I recommend making a new folder to put unzipped maps into. Now that you have a map downloaded, right click on it and select extract. you need to extract the map into the Halo CE map folder in the drive with halo CE (usually C drive). This may be different for you, but I just go into C drive, then go into the program files folder, then go into the microsoft games folder, and then go into the Halo CE folder. I hope I havent lost you or discouraged you from getting CE, its just that I couldn't find my map folder for days :D.

    Halo CE is a great game, with hundreds of sweet maps. If you do get halo CE, I highly recommend the maps New Mombasa Classic(likely the most beautiful map out there), Ndugu(it has working snowboards), and Streets of earth city(weapon and vehicle mods galore). these maps are some of the best maps on CE.

    I hope you try CE out, Its worth it.

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