what's the deal with the casual card halls - and nothing recent... Is everyone here slacking soooooo much that we can't fame and shame cards?...


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Melkor;285912 said:
The Hall of Shame seemed to create a lot of controversy over the criteria
Well, we didn't actually seem to have criteria. Or rather, most of us probably did, but there were no "official" criteria. Although I forget if there were any for the Hall of Fame...


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BigBlue was more or less the driver of the Hall of Shame and he's been busy lately. There was controversy between what constitutes a "Hall of Shame" card, but to me, that was just irrelevant fluff. Just like the Hall of Fame, it was all basically someone opinion that a card could get nominated and then it was up to the voting and whether other people agreed. The criteria was "someone's opinion".

The Hall of Fame could be opened to the later sets; I think we agreed that it should be opened to a set a year after release. Now *that* I haven't been keeping track of and slacking :)