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Well... Rarity does matter...

Consider Thicket Basilisk vs Cockatrice... Identical CC, P/T, and Ability... One is UNC the other is Rare and has Flying... Now, neither of these cards are "worst"... but rarity makes one worse than the other.

Mon's Goblin Raiders vs Goblin Balloon Brigade... same thing... Goblin Raiders is virtually identical except it can't gain flying and it's a common vs an unc...

Now, I don't know that WotC is continuing that trend as much - mostly because I haven't pored over a spoiler list in many years and I couldn't tell you the last set I know all of the cards on... well used to know all the cards in anyways... ;)

I agree w/ Melkor, a crappy rare ruins a pack, while a crappy common is no big deal. I won't necessarilly say every nomination or vote I make will be for a rare card... but I bet they'll get more than other rarities.

I would like to add - a person should not be able to vote for the card they nominate... they should offer an explanation as to why their card belongs in the hall of shame... and convince others to vote for their nomination.

I think the things to consider are Speed (Instant vs Sorcery), Casting Cost, Extra Costs/requirements (sacrifices, life loss, color hosers, etc), Ability/Benefit, Reusable (permanent vs spell, tap activation vs static ability), Rarity, and interaction w/ other cards. Each card would probably have different weights in terms of importance of these factors imho.

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Seriously. There has been nothing in the battle arena for so long... :(


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Mooseman said:
Nuclear power???? I think I missed the reference in that one......
The Blind Watchmaker..... hmmm... isn't someone on this board a watch repair guy?
Seriously, Moosey? I don't know if the second one is a joke, but The Blind Watchmaker is a well-known book by Richard Dawkins in which he explains how evolution is able to give rise to the complexity and diversity we see in living things.

And Ralph Nader is an opponent of nuclear power. It's been one of his big "issues."


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BigBlue said:
My opinion is we should base the card on it's place within it's own expansion. The reason I think this works best is because we are voting by expansion.
You have a good point. A "destroy target wall" card is pretty much crap outside of Legends. Well, even crappier... But for most cards there's a reason that it's printed (at least with modern sets). But that reason could lie with OLDER sets, so I'd say you'd have to judge a card on that merits as well.

It's going to get complicated though.


Simple solution: Pick three cards from each set. Worst common Worst Uncommon and Worst Rare.


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Shabbaman said:
You have a good point. A "destroy target wall" card is pretty much crap outside of Legends.
Yes, but not nearly crappy enough to be the worst card in Legends. So in that case, it simply wouldn't matter. I actually haven't yet thought of a case where it would. Until one comes up, and it seems very possible, it's difficult to actually talk details.


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Four bucks? Wow, I suddenly feel really old - I remember paying less than two bucks for Fallen Empires boosters (actually, they were about two for a buck at one place after WotC accidentally flooded the market).


...now where did I put that cane?...