GW Control - MiBC

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    GW Control – MiBC

    4. Ageless Entity
    2. Luminous Angel
    4. Troll Ascetic

    4. Altar’s Light
    2. Mind’s Eye
    2. Oblivion Stone
    4. Oxidize
    4. Pulse of the Fields
    4. Solar Tide
    4. Sylvan Scrying (Will be replaced with Solemn Simulacrum)
    4. Talisman of Unity

    2. Blinkmoth Nexus
    4. Cloudpost
    6. Forest
    3. Mirrodin’s Core
    7. Plains


    This deck wasn’t supposed to be MiBC but since I had a lot of the cards that would fit into the theme of this deck I thought I might as well make it since I don’t have Ravagers (Yes, I am saying that there will be only ONE deck to play in Mirrodin Block, Affinity Ravager).

    I was thinking about putting in Raise the Alarm with Skullclamp, I already have the L-Angels so I could have more ‘clamp targets but that seemed too far fetched of an idea to realize.

    I am sure Solar Tide probably makes you scratch your head but I need a board Sweeper and I only have two O-Stones.

    Oxidize Main Deck is just because this is Block and it’s an Artifact heavy environment. Altar’s Light is no Disenchant but it gets rid of Sr. PHAT aka Darksteel Colossus. I thought about Soul Nova or Purge but they might be SB//: material.

    I am a known “Net-Dekker” so this is my penance for that sin. So, any input would be greatly appreciated.

  2. train The Wildcard!!!...

    You could easily control ravager with damping matrix... What's better is you run recursion combos with second sunrise...

    don't forget the pro-artifact creatures...

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